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Bucephalandra Abun Turquoise

Bucephalandra Abun Turquoise is a relatively new plant on the domestic market. The plant is native to the Philippines, from where the plant was originally supplied. This type of Bucephalandra does not have high requirements for its content and grow it under the power of even novice aquarists.

Bucephalandra sp. Abun Turquoise has an unusual leaf structure and very attractive light green coloring. The shape of the leaves is pear-shaped, with a peculiar spike at the end of the leaf. The plant has creeping stems, which form numerous very tenacious roots, thanks to which it grows well on rocks, snags and other decorations in the aquarium. The plant reaches a height of 9 cm. The growth rate is medium.

It is desirable to plant Bucephalandra Abun Turquoise bushes in the middle part of the aquarium. A very beautiful effect can be achieved if you grow Bucephalandra, for example, to driftwood. If you like the conditions of the plant, it can bloom, releasing snow-white buds. Keep the plant preferably in an aquarium of 100 liters, where the plant will look the most beautiful, although in small aquariums it looks decent.

Bucephalandra Abun Turquoise

Water parameters satisfying Bucephalandra Abun Turquoise are as follows: temperature 22-24° C, hardness dH 1-8°, acidity pH 6,2-7,0. It is desirable to introduce liquid iron-containing microfertilizers into the water once a week and CO2 feeding. It is necessary weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water fresh. Despite the fact that the plant is undemanding, but still for him is very important stability of water parameters. Abrupt changes in water parameters are inadmissible, as in this case, the leaves on the plant begin to disappear, and the bush itself gradually dies. If still due to inexperience or any other reason you made a mistake and bucephalandra died, you can try to resurrect it, for which you need to clean its rhizome from decomposed parts and transplant to a new place, where, if you are lucky, the plant will recover and give young growths

Lighting can be medium in intensity, as the plant feels fine, both in the shade and in light areas, but still maximally effective it looks at bright light, intensity of 0.8-1 W / l.


Propagate Bucephalandra sp. Abun Turquoise vegetatively for which from an adult bush is separated from the daughter sprout with part of the rhizome and planted in a new place, where it will soon begin to grow gradually.

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