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Before installing the aquarium, purchase the necessary equipment.

Below we list the aquarium equipment you need to purchase:

  • A pedestal for the aquarium, which will be able to support its weight. Remember that 1 liter of water = 1 kg.
  • Actually the aquarium itself
  • Cushioning material as a substrate between the aquarium and the pedestal (eg, polystyrene board, thickness 2-3 mm)
  • Aquarium cover
  • Light bulbs
  • Thermoregulator
  • Thermometer
  • Internal or external water filter
  • Air compressor
  • Air compressor hose
  • Air atomizer
  • Check valve to prevent water from entering the compressor
  • Gravel and stones
  • Decorative ornaments such as driftwood
  • Live or artificial plants
  • Socket block if all devices are to be connected in one place
  • Net
  • Fish food

At this point we are not buying fish yet!


Choose a location for the aquarium. The best place is one that is away from central heating radiators and where there will be no direct sunlight.


Make sure that the aquarium is securely placed on the pedestal and that there are no leaks. If you find water seeping between the walls of the aquarium, try sealing the gaps with a special sealant or replace the aquarium with a new one.


If you have purchased an external water filter, place it in a cabinet with all communications (power cord and hoses coming from the aquarium) connected to it.


The purchased gravel is rinsed in a bucket until the drained water is crystal clear. As soon as the gravel has been rinsed, spread it on the bottom of the aquarium. The gravel layer should preferably be about 7.5 cm thick.


Wash plant roots and decorations with running water only. Do not use any chemicals.


Place the thermostat so that it does not touch the gravel (while keeping it as low as possible below the water level in the aquarium). Place the thermometer away from the thermostat, such as in the opposite corner of the thermostat.


Attach the air atomizer to the aerator using the previously purchased hose. Place the atomizer in the back of the aquarium.


At this point you can begin filling the aquarium with water. You can fill the aquarium with water from a hose or bucket. Pour the water in slowly so that it does not erode the soil. You can use a piece of paper that you remove when the aquarium is half full. The water you pour in should be at a temperature close to the temperature that will be maintained in the aquarium to protect the plants from thermal shock.


At this stage we start planting aquarium plants. Preferably, low plants should be planted in the foreground and tall plants in the background. Don't forget to leave some space for the fish to swim. Fill the aquarium with water to a level 2 cm below the top of the aquarium.


Adjust the water flow rate from the filter so that there is no strong water current. To reduce water evaporation, cover the aquarium from above with a cover glass or an aquarium cover with integrated light bulbs.


Make sure that all devices are connected correctly. If this is the case, a couple weeks before the tank is stocked with fish, plug all appliances into the power grid (lights on for 12-14 hours a day). During this time in the aquarium will establish a biological equilibrium, after which the aquarium can run fish.

As you can see, to start an aquarium in your apartment is not so difficult.

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