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Cichlasoma portalegrensis

Cichlasoma portalegrensis - this species of cichlid has caused a lot of controversy around itself. Some aquarists believe that it is a mutated form of Heros severus, while others claim that it is a hybrid of Amphilophus labiatus and Cichlasoma nortum (Heros severus). However, the fish is believed to be native to the waters of Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay.

Cichlasoma portalegrensis

Cichlasoma portalegrensis in the wild grows up to 20 cm in length, while in aquarium conditions the size of the fish does not exceed 12 cm. This species of fish can be found in a variety of colors, from yellow to pink, red to blood red. The coloration of adults is influenced by their habitat, as well as diet and various genetic factors. The scales around the spine are darkly edged. Dorsal plumage of males is bluish, anal and caudal plumage from pale green to brownish-green coloration. Pectoral fins with a small admixture of red color. In the coloration of females prevail reddish color. Such coloration is mainly only young fish. As they mature, the coloration of fish begins to darken and eventually they become almost black. Compared to females, males have a more contrasting and colorful coloration, his dorsal and anal plumage elongated shape.

Cichlasoma portalegrensis - a fish aggressive and in the aquarium considers itself the only master, with which all other inhabitants must reckon. It is desirable to keep these fish in a spacious species aquarium. In the aquarium should be placed large stones, snags. As a soil it is desirable to use medium and large gravel. It should be noted that the fish are constantly swarming in the soil and with fierceness tear out quite large clumps of plants along with the roots, so it is better to refuse to plant live plants in the aquarium, and do without their artificial analogs. It is possible content cichlazom portalegrensis in a common aquarium with other fish similar or larger in size, capable in case of need to stand up for themselves.

Cichlasoma portalegrensis

Water parameters: temperature 23-28° C, hardness dH 2-25°, acidity pH 6,0-7,5. Need quality filtration of water and its enhanced aeration. You also need a weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water fresh.

Cichlasoma portalegrensis like a lot of light, so lighting should be bright. The duration of the daylight hours 10-12 hours a day.

Fish are omnivorous and eat almost any food they are given: live, frozen, dry.


Cichlasoma portalegrensis reaches its sexual maturity at the age of 10-12 months.

These are not the easiest fish to breed. Breeding fish requires a spawning aquarium of 50 liters or more. The female lays eggs on a large flat stone or on the inner wall of the grotto. Depending on the size of the female, she hatches about 250 to 500 eggs. The eggs incubate for 4-5 days, after which the larvae hatch. When reaching a week old fry begin to swim and feed.

Fry are fed artemia and specialized dry food designed for cichlid fry.

Life expectancy of Cichlasoma portalegrensis in aquarium conditions is about 10 years.

Cichlasoma portalegrensis

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