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About the manufacturer

German company Tetra is a recognized leader among manufacturers of goods for aquariums. German brand in this industry is like Mercedes among cars - well-deserved fame and undisputed authority. Tetra was founded in 1961 and today has offices in almost 100 countries. Fish food, equipment for aquariums and aquariums themselves this German brand are in steady demand.

Features of Tetra aquariums

The main advantage of “fish houses” Tetra - their excellent equipment. The fact is that the company specializes in the manufacture of equipment and means for the care of aquariums. In this Tetra has no equal in the world. Buying a turnkey aquarium, you can be sure - it is equipped with devices of the highest quality. For example, the 100-liter Tetra AquaArt Evolution Line includes such a branded kit:

  • Tetra 100 watt heater;
  • Tetra EasyCrystal FilterBox 600;
  • a pair of replacement cartridges;
  • Tetra AquaSafe - adapts tap water for comfortable life of fish, neutralizes aggressive compounds dangerous for them;
  • Tetra EasyBalance - maintains water in optimal condition, makes it possible to change it less often;
  • filtration system Tetra EasyCrysta - a special sensor will signal the need to change the cartridge.

Tetra aquariums are made of high quality glass that does not distort the picture of what is going on inside. Glass edges are always safe - professionally processed and polished.

Aquariums Tetra.

Another plus is the prices. Tetra aquariums are cheaper than similar models from the world leader in aquarium production Juwel (also from Germany).

But Tetra seriously loses to the leader in the range - the company makes small aquariums with a volume of 30 to 120 liters. They are considered amateur, decorative or models for novice aquarium enthusiasts.

However, this point is quite controversial, especially from the position of the owners of several aquariums.

Application of aquariums Tetra

Due to the fact that the range of models refers to small-liter models, Tetra aquariums are best suited:

  • for novice aquarium fish enthusiasts;
  • for breeding certain species and subspecies of fish;
  • for those who have the desire, but not enough time to deal with the aquarium;
  • for aquarists who can not afford to allocate a large area at home for an aquarium.

Often such models are purchased for collector purposes - to create and grow a certain type of fish and create the ideal conditions for them with the help of specialized equipment and aquarium care products.

There are even Tetra models equipped just for the breeding of certain fish families. For example, the 100-liter TetraGoldfish is designed for growing goldfish. It is equipped with special filters and lamps, and it often comes with food for this popular type of fish.

There are very small Tetra models with a volume of up to 10 liters for small fish. Such aquariums, as a rule, are made in an interesting style and are good as a decorative element in the room.

There are quite miniature models. For example, Tetra Betta Ring has a volume of less than 2 liters and is designed for growing rooster fish.

Tetra models come in different geometric shapes: round, rectangular, projection. They are popular not only in homes, but also in stores and offices - here their compactness is very relevant.

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