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Pelvicachromis humilis

Pelvicachromis humilis lives naturally in small slow-flowing rivers in the western part of the African continent. The fish is easy to keep and can be recommended to novice aquarists.

Pelvicachromis humilis has an elongated body shape. The abdomen is light-colored. The back is brown-green. In females, all fins are rounded. In males, the dorsal and anal fins are long and pointed at the ends. The body of males has dark transverse stripes, and the belly is slightly yellowish. Females have a pink belly and generally less colorful coloration than males. Females are smaller in size. Sexually mature fish reach 13 centimeters in length.

Pelvicachromis humilis is an attractive, but at the same time unpredictable fish. When containing these fish in a common aquarium with other species of fish no misunderstandings between them does not arise, but it is worth placing in the aquarium fish family cichlhovyh, as soon pelvicachromis begin to show signs of aggression towards them.

Keep Pelvicachromis humilis preferably formed a pair, in an aquarium of 100 liters. It should be noted that their pair of fish form at a young age and it can be maintained for a long time. It is undesirable to keep these fish together with larger fish. After settling the aquarium should not be in it to run another pelvicahromis, as in this case, he will become an object of attack and after some time may be beaten to death.

Water parameters: temperature 24-27° C, hardness dH 4-12°, acidity pH 5,4-7,8. Need filtration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water fresh. In the aquarium it is desirable to create a small water current, directing the outlet nozzle water filter along one of the walls of the aquarium. It is necessary to strengthen the aeration of water.

The soil is desirable sandy or in the form of fine gravel. In the aquarium should be a large number of different shelters in the form of snags, rocks, grottoes and ceramic pots, put on the side. Fish are indifferent to plants, so in the aquarium you can do without them.

Pelvicachromis humilis

Lighting intensity of about 0.25 W/l, diffused. The duration of the daylight hours is about 10 hours a day.

With the feeding of fish will not have problems - they eat almost any live, frozen and dry feeds. Feed the fish at least 2 times a day.


The success of breeding Pelvicachromis humilis in general depends on the strength of the bonds formed a pair of fish. pick up a strong pair of producers can be two ways. First, you can buy a piece of ten young fish and as they mature will form at least one pair of fish, which should be sent to another aquarium. Secondly, you can buy an adult pair of fish.

Stimulate spawning with a slight increase in water temperature (1-2°C). Producers pick up a place for future spawning, which can be a cave among the rocks, grotto or laid on the side of a ceramic pot.

After spawning, the female remains at the clutch until the fry hatch. All this time the male is nearby and protects the nest with the female from uninvited fish.

As soon as all the fry are out, the female leaves the nest and together with her offspring and under the supervision of the male begin to swim not far from the nest. In case of danger, the fry immediately swim into the mouth of the male or female. Producers look after the fry for 2-3 weeks. As the fry grow, they become more and more daring and swim in different directions, so that their parents are no longer able to keep an eye on them. At this time, the fry should be transferred to another aquarium.

Pelvicachromis humilis

The life expectancy of Pelvicachromis humilis in aquarium conditions is about 7-8 years.

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