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Bucephalandra Brownie

Bucephalandra Brownie in natural conditions grows in swampy areas and in swift currents on rocks and snags on the island of Borneo. The plant is very rare and to see it alive in the collections of aquarists - a great luck, although its maintenance is quite simple and cope with ni can even beginner aquarist.

Bucephalandra spec. `Brownie` has slightly oblong elliptical leaves. The coloration of the leaves varies from reddish color to deep green. The plant is small, about 8 cm in height and is characterized by a very low growth rate.

Bucephalandra Brownie

Plant Bucephalandra Brownie should be planted in the foreground for landscaping decorations.

Water parameters: temperature 20-28° C, hardness dH 4-14°, acidity pH 5,0-8,0. Feeding with CO2 in a concentration of about 10 mg / L and liquid iron-containing micro- and macro-fertilizers is desirable. It is desirable not strong water circulation in the aquarium. It is also necessary to monitor the water level in the aquarium, because its strong change often leads to die off (dissolution) of individual leaves of the plant.

In acceptable conditions, the plant periodically releases underwater inflorescences.

The plant feels quite comfortable in low light, however, it is possible to achieve intense coloration of leaves with sufficiently bright light. The duration of the light day at an intensity of 0.5-0.7 W/l should be 7-8 hours a day.

As a soil, almost any substrate can be used. When planting the plant, the rhizome should not be completely buried under the ground. Usually bucephalandra brownie is tied to stones and snags, where the plant opens in all its glory. The plant does not tolerate the constant movement of them in the aquarium, so the place of planting the bush should be taken seriously.


Propagate Bucephalandra Brownie by separating a small shoot with 4-5 leaves from the mother bush. Rooting cuttings are very slow, so you need to be patient to grow a young bush of the plant. If the plant is not disturbed, it will gain strength and will surely please you with its blooms.

Bucephalandra Brownie

It should be noted that in the case of dying leaves Bucephalandra Brownie for one reason or another, do not hurry to remove the bush from the aquarium - not all is lost, and from the remaining part of the rhizome with dormant buds is quite possible to grow a new plant, which will later please with its unsurpassed beauty.

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