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Aulonocara maylandi

Aulonocara maylandi is naturally found in the eastern part of Lake Malawi, in the Luwala and Ecclesa reef areas. The fish stick to coastal areas with rocky shores and sandy bottoms with scattered rocks, at a depth of about 10 meters. The fish is named after its discoverer, naturalist Hans Myland.

Aulonocara maylandi

Aulonocara maylandi exists in two color variations: in males inhabiting Eccles Reef, a bright yellow stripe runs along the body (from the snout to the distal edge of the dorsal plumage). In males living elsewhere, this band is pale gray. Otherwise, the coloration of the fish is similar. The color of the body is pale brown or gray. In the reflected light, the body of the fish shimmers with lilac luster. Gill covers have glitter, shimmering blue-green color. The same flecks are present on the body of the fish. During stress and in the spawning period, the coloration of the body of fish becomes less contrasting and on it protrudes from 6 to 9 vertical stripes. The coloration of females is less colorful. Their body is brownish with a silvery sheen, with a barely discernible pattern. The size of fish in aquarium conditions reaches 8-10 cm.

Aulonocara maylandi is a generally peaceful fish. Aulonocara can be easily kept in a common aquarium with other peaceful fish, representatives of Lake Malawi. The aquarium should have a volume of 200 liters. It is not desirable in one aquarium with aulonokara contain aggressive fish. It is possible to keep together several males - in this case, males will compete with each other for the attention of females taking a bright coloring. It should be noted that it is undesirable in one aquarium to contain different species of aulonokara, as in this case they can cross with each other as a result of which will appear hybrids.

Aulonocara maylandi

Coarse river sand should be used as a soil. At the bottom you need to place large stones among the crevices of which like to hide these fish, and in the spawning season females incubate eggs.

Water parameters: temperature 25-29° C, hardness dH 9-25°, acidity pH 7,5-9,0. Necessary aeration, filtration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water fresh.

Fish menu is a variety of live, frozen and dry food in the form of flakes and pellets.


Aulonocara maylandi reaches sexual maturity at the age of 12-14 months, with females becoming sexually mature a couple of months earlier than males.

Fish spawn in the same aquarium where they live permanently. Before spawning from a group of fish is allocated a pair of producers, and males quite often begin to pursue females who are not yet ready for spawning as a result of which the latter can receive various injuries. To prevent this from happening in the aquarium should be placed as many different shelters.

In the process of spawning the female hatches on a large stone 20-80 eggs and after its fertilization by the male collects all of it to his mouth. The eggs incubate in the female's mouth, depending on water temperature, for about 2.5-4 weeks. After this time, the mouth of the female leaves the fully formed fry. First time they swim under the tireless control of the female and in case of danger again swim to her mouth. As the fry grow up, they become more daring and begin to separate from the pack, and the female can no longer keep track of all of them. At this time, it is desirable to transfer all the fry to another aquarium.

The fry are fed cyclops and artemia.

Aulonocara maylandi

Life expectancy of Aulonocara maylandi in aquarium conditions is about 8 years.

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