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Dinematichthys riukiuensis, Yellow brotula

Yellow brotula inhabits naturally the western Pacific Ocean, from the Ruucuu Islands to the Republic of Fiji and the coastal areas of eastern Australia. The fish are crepuscular and live on the bottom near coral reefs. During the day they hide in the crevices of the reef. These fish are rarely found in aquarium collections.

Dinematichthys riukiuensis has a cigar-shaped body, slightly flattened on the sides. The coloration of the body is yellow. The pelvic fins are filamentous and located in front of the pectoral fins, near the throat of the fish. The tail plumage is shortened. Dorsal and anal plumage are elongated and continue down to the root of the caudal plumage. Sex differences are not pronounced. The maximum size of the fish is about 10 cm.

Yellow brotula is a very demanding and difficult fish to keep. In fact, these fish are kept only by aquarists who set out to keep these fish, and accordingly they are fully familiar with their habits and requirements for keeping. Yellow brotula leads a secretive way of life and in the daytime to observe it is unlikely to succeed, as it hides in the shelter. It is also difficult to observe the fish and at night due to the fact that it is very cautious and the slightest noise or movement in front of the aquarium leads to the fact that the fish immediately retreats and hides in the shelter. Of course, this behavior of fish many will not suit many people, because so simply you can never see your pet. Somewhat easier to observe the fish can be using a low-power lamp of red light.

Keep Yellow brotula preferably alone in an aquarium of 60-80 liters. At the bottom you need to place a couple of shelters in the form of grottos or large stones laid on top of each other with a cleft between them, the size of which will allow unobstructed swim in it fish. It is possible content in a common aquarium with other peaceful fish, preferably commensurate in size - small fish sooner or later will be eaten by brotula.

Water parameters: temperature 24-27 ° C, acidity pH 8,1-8,4, salinity 1.020-1.025.

As a soil can be used sand or gravel.

The fish menu consists of almost any seafood food in live or frozen form. Yellow brotula eats squid and mussels, various crustaceans and small fish. Given that this fish is nocturnal feed it only at night, and the food should be placed close to the entrance to the shelter, where it hides.


In aquarium conditions Yellow brotula does not breed. All fish occasionally seen in commerce are supplied to the domestic market from their natural habitat.

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