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Satanoperca leucosticta

Satanoperca leucosticta inhabits freshwater bodies of water located in Brazil, Guyana, and Colombia.

The body coloration of Satanoperca leucosticta varies from brown to yellow-green. There are thin wavy lines on the head of the fish near the mouth. On the body there is a peculiar pattern in the form of dots. The same pattern is decorated on the head and fins of the fish. On the gill covers and cheeks there are iridescent spots with a reddish border. Tail, anal and dorsal plumage is decorated with light red spots and iridescent stripes. The lips of the fish are red. The size of fish in aquarium conditions reaches 20 cm.

Satanoperca leucosticta

Satanoperca leucosticta is generally a peaceful fish, so it can be kept in a common aquarium with other peaceful fish. Aquarium for keeping these fish should be spacious enough, for 1 young fish should be at least 60 liters of water, and as the fish mature, they need a more spacious aquarium (adult fish contain in a rectangular aquarium with a length of at least 1.5 m. In the aquarium should be a large number of shelters, and on its perimeter planted hard-leaved plants with a well-developed root system. Given that the fish are constantly digging in the soil, searching for particles of food in it, the roots of plants should be protected by putting large flat stones on top.

Satanoperca leucosticta

Water parameters: temperature 25-29 ° C, hardness dH 2-15 °, acidity pH 6,4-7,5. In view of the fact that swarming in the ground fish pick up from the bottom of the turbidity must be equipped with an aquarium with a highly efficient water filter. Also necessary aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water fresh. It should be noted that if the regular change is not to produce, it seriously affects the well-being of fish, they begin to get sick and if the situation is not corrected, die.

As a soil should be used sand. Fish constantly swarm in it and pass all the grains of sand through their gills sifting among them particles of food. As a result, the aquarium forms dug holes and their periodically, if they spoil the internal design of the aquarium, will have to equalize.

Lighting is desirable dimmed, as the fish prefer to stick to not too lighted places.

Satanoperca leucosticta omnivorous. Fish can be fed moths, artemia, krill, as well as a variety of frozen and dry pelleted food designed for cichlids.


Spawning Satanoperca leucosticta stimulated by increasing water temperature to 30-31 ° C and abundant feeding a variety of food.

Before the spawning of the female, the male prepares the swarming site in the sand a small depression or cleaning a flat stone or a wide leaf of the plant from dirt. Then the female swarms up to 300 eggs, which after fertilization by the male collects to his mouth where incubates them for 2-3 weeks.

Hatched fry immediately begin to swim under the supervision of both parents.

Fry are fed artemia and grinded flake food, which is replaced by a larger feed as they grow. Fry are removed from their parents after 2-3 weeks, as at this age they no longer swim in a friendly flock, splashing in different directions and their parents are not able to ensure their safety from other fish.

Satanoperca leucosticta

The life expectancy of Satanoperca leucosticta in aquarium conditions is about 15 years.

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