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If you see a fish swimming in an unusual position in the aquarium, up or head down, it should be alarming. There are various reasons for this behavior:

  • As a result of oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) fish float to the surface of the water and are almost upright greedily gulping air. Some fish stick out part of their head above the surface of the water. Solve this problem is quite simple - you need to equip the aquarium with an air compressor or strengthen the aeration of water, if the aquarium already has an aerator. As soon as these actions are performed, the problem will immediately resolve.
  • The consequence of unusual fish behavior can be traumatization or degeneration of the swim bladder. Usually, various diseases such as hydrocele, brain tumor, obesity and bloating in case of constant overfeeding or feeding with low-quality food lead to various complications in the functioning of the swim bladder. In this case, the fish may assume various positions in the water, including swimming belly up or on its side. In this case, the fish immediately need to be transferred to another aquarium and continue to monitor it. In many cases, the fish can not be saved, and it dies.
  • Sometimes the reason for the fish to be upright is that something is stuck or traumatized in its throat. In this case, remove the fish from the water and carefully inspect the inside of the throat. If a foreign body is found in the throat, it must be carefully removed.
  • Often the fish takes an upright position due to aggression from other fish. The fish is constantly under stress, as a result of which it takes this position. This situation requires immediate resolution, you need to calculate the aggressive fish and transfer it to another aquarium.
  • Sometimes the vertical position of the fish is not related to the disease, just in this way it shows its respect to the fish, which has a higher status in the group.
  • Some species of fish initially swim in a tilted position with their head up. This usually applies to various selective forms of fish with voile tails, in which the tail plumage due to its large size has a lot of weight, which leads to disturbance of their equilibrium.

According to some aquarists sometimes there are fish that can stay upright for a long time for no apparent reason and it is not a consequence of any disease. In any case, before making any conclusions is enough to just carefully observe everything that happens in the aquarium, in many cases it is possible to correctly identify the cause of this behavior of fish to determine the next steps to correct this situation.

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