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Apistogramma sp. «Assurini»

Apistogramma Assurini is found in the Rio Xingu River in Brazil. These fish got their name in honor of the Indian tribe "Assurini" living in those areas. These fish were first imported to the European market in 1988.

Apistogramma sp. "Assurini" differs from other species of apistogramma expanding towards the root of the tail plumage dark stripe on the body and rounded caudal fin decorated with small dashes. These dwarf cichlids reach a length of about 6 cm (males) and 4 cm (females).

Apistogramma sp. "Assurini".

Given that these fish prefer a fairly high water temperature, they can be kept in a common aquarium, for example, with discus. At the bottom of the aquarium should be placed large stones and grottos, where the fish could hide. Around the perimeter of the aquarium should be planted aquarium plants, among which there should be at least one bush with large and wide leaves, which, perhaps, the fish will choose as a spawning substrate.

Like most Rio Xingu fishes, Apistogramma Assurini prefer slightly higher water temperatures (26 to 28°C), hardness dH 1-12°, acidity pH 5.0-7.0. Need filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh water.

The soil is desirable sandy.

Apistogramma sp. "Assurini".

Fish eat a variety of food, so there should be no problems with their feeding. Fish are fed moths, trumpet, artemia, dry flake and pellet feed. Feed Apistogramma Assurini should be 2 times a day. Feed should be strictly dosed, as these fish do not know the measure in food and are prone to obesity.


Its sexual maturity Apistogramma Assurini reaches the age of about 5-6 months.

For breeding, producers are transferred to a spawning aquarium with a volume of 15-20 liters. Water temperature in the spawning tank should be a couple of degrees higher than in the aquarium. Spawning stimulated daily substitution of 1/10th of the water fresh. Very often, after spawning, producers eat their clutch, but this usually happens in young producers. The clutch is cared for by a male and a female. The eggs incubate for 2-4 days, after which the fry hatch from the eggs. As soon as the fry hatch, the water temperature in the spawning aquarium gradually lowered. The female is removed, and the male is left to care for the fry. The male digs holes in the ground, where the fry spend the night. After 5-7 days, and the male is removed.

The fry are fed cyclops and artemia.

Apistogramma sp. "Assurini".

The lifespan of Apistogramma assurini is highly dependent on water temperature. At water temperatures around 28-29°C the fish live about 2 years, and at 25-26°C - 4 years. But even here not everything is not so simple - at lower water temperatures fish often get sick.

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