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A round aquarium is not, by and large, a comfortable environment for most aquarium fish. However, for many novice aquarists, such an aquarium is the first step in their hobby. A round aquarium does not really provide the fish with the necessary living space for them, in addition, in such an aquarium quickly accumulate waste products, which leads to a decrease in water quality. However, if you are serious about keeping fish in such an aquarium, there are several recommendations, following which you can significantly improve the living conditions for your underwater inhabitants.

Keeping fish in a round aquarium

Keeping fish in a round aquarium - this is probably the easiest option for an aquarium in the apartment - all you need for this: water, fish and food. Despite the fact that there are many critics of such aquariums in the world, nevertheless, and their admirers are many. With proper care for such an aquarium can provide fish comfortable conditions, it just may take a little more time than, for example, when keeping fish in a large aquarium. If you want to keep fish in a round aquarium, you need to be prepared to clean it regularly to keep the water quality up to par.

Common shapes and sizes

Today you can find round aquariums of almost any size, made of glass and acrylic. In most cases, the cost difference between the two is not great - glass aquariums are slightly cheaper, but they are fragile and heavier. Acrylic aquariums are more expensive than glass aquariums, but they are more durable in terms of mechanical effects and weigh less. At the same time, acrylic aquariums are easily scratched and require careful care.

Pros and cons of keeping a round aquarium

Before you decide to buy a round aquarium, familiarize yourself with all their advantages and disadvantages.


  • Round aquariums are cheap and widely available in the trade;
  • Round aquariums are small in size, allowing them to be placed almost anywhere, and given their small volume they can be easily moved from place to place;
  • Round aquariums are ideal for children and novice aquarists.


  • Round aquariums are too small for many species of fish;
  • The dimensions of round aquariums do not allow for a filter system. This limits the number of fish that can be kept in such an aquarium. You must also keep the water clean at all times;
  • Forget about keeping saltwater fish in a round aquarium - it is almost impossible to keep the saltwater parameters at the right level.

Nevertheless, even with these disadvantages, many aquarists manage to keep aquarium fish successfully for many years (or at least until they decide to get themselves a much larger aquarium).

What to remember

Keeping fish in a round aquarium will severely limit their varieties. Not all fish are suitable for such tanks, due to their size or need for a large living space. Do not believe the claim that fish will grow as much as their environment allows - a fish that can grow to 50 cm in length, for example, will stop growing just because it is in a round aquarium. Before buying fish, study their description and requirements for the conditions of maintenance.

Goldfish are actually not the best option for a round aquarium, although they are often sold in small round aquariums. Not only do goldfish grow very large, but in addition they tend to produce a lot of waste and require oxygenated water. In this case, a round aquarium will not provide their need for a large living space and the water quality will be far from ideal for their well-being.


Guppies, betta (cockerels) and gourami are the most adapted to life in a round aquarium. These fish are small in size and do not require a large living space.

Due to the fact that in aquariums of this type is quite problematic to locate a water filter you will have to perform partial water changes quite often. Usually you need to change at least 1/5th of the aquarium water 2 times a week.

In addition to filtration, you should also take care of maintaining water temperature and lighting. To maintain the necessary temperature in the aquarium, the most suitable option will be its location in a room where the air temperature is between 22-27 ° C, as the use of a standard thermostat in such an aquarium will be impossible. The problem with lighting can be solved by placing the aquarium near the window, but it is necessary to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, otherwise there may be problems with the rapid growth of algae.

Useful tips

  • Do not fill the water to the top. Fill the aquarium slightly below the top edge of the aquarium so that you can increase the water surface area (since the aquarium is round, the water surface area is smaller at the top of the aquarium). The larger the water surface area, the better the gas exchange between harmful gases in the water and oxygen in the air;
  • You can use aquarium water to water your indoor plants - watering them with this water stimulates their growth;
  • When you decide to move your fish to a larger aquarium, you can use the round aquarium as a terrarium.

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