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Cryptocoryne Flamingo

Cryptocoryne flamingo is a plant obtained by breeding. To date, it is not clear which plant was the basis for obtaining this hybrid - Cryptocoryne wendtii or Cryptocoryne cordata, but, however, the plant has turned out to be very beautiful. The plant is very demanding and rare, which in turn affects its not a small price. Given this, we can say that the Flamingo Cryptocorina is more suitable for collectors who grow exotic plants.

Cryptocoryne spec. `Flamingo`

Cryptocoryne spec. `Flamingo' has light to dark pink colored leaves. It should be noted that this plant is cultivated only in the nursery and delivered to customers in special containers. The maximum size of the bush is 20 cm. The growth rate is very slow. Usually the bush contains no more than 5 leaves, and as soon as a new leaf appears one of the old leaves begins to gradually discolor and disappear.

The aquarium planting shrubs Kryptokorina flamingo desirable in the foreground, where the plant will look the most harmonious. Especially beautiful plant looks on the background of various types of mosses.

Water parameters: temperature 22-28° C, hardness dH 1-18°, acidity pH 5,5-7,5. It is very important to monitor the parameters of water, preventing significant fluctuations. Necessary feeding CO2 at a concentration of 10-20 mg / L, which not only contributes to the normal acclimatization of the bush in the aquarium, but also plays an essential role in the color of its leaves. Duration of daylight hours of 10-12 hours per day.

Cryptocoryne spec. `Flamingo`

Lighting should be bright, the intensity of 0.5 W / L, preferably 1 W / L. With a lack of light Cryptocoryne loses its attractive coloring, leaves turn pale and turn greenish or brownish. If time does not bring lighting back to normal, the leaf plate begins to break down and gradually dissolve completely in water.

The soil can be sandy or in the form of fine gravel. It is necessary that the soil was nutritious, otherwise green spots appear on the leaves of the plant, and in general the leaf plate becomes a dirty gray color.


Reproduce the plant by shoots, which eventually appear on the mother plant, although you have to wait quite a long time. The shoots, as actually the mother bush, develop very slowly. When the shoots appear, do not be in a hurry to separate them from the mother bush, as they are very weak and, if separated and transplanted to a new place prematurely, begin to be sick for a long time.

Cryptocoryne spec. `Flamingo`

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