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Acanthurus achilles

Acanthurus achilles naturally inhabits the Pacific Ocean. Large aggregations of these fish are observed along the coasts of the Marquesas Islands, Great Barrier Reef and Hawaii, as well as in the coastal areas of Micronesia and Polynesia. Small numbers of fish are found along the western coasts of Central and North America. Fish prefer to stay along the outer slopes of reefs, in quiet lagoons with crystal-clear water at a depth of 10 m. If the habitat of these fish are rich in food, then Achilleas form large flocks, otherwise live singly, taking a fancy to a particular part of the coral reef and protect it from other tribesmen. Fish are recommended for keeping only experienced aquarists.

Acanthurus achilles

Acanthurus achilles has a black and orange body coloration. There is a large orange leaf-like spot near the root of the tail plumage. In the lower and upper part of the body, from the root of the tail plumage and along the anal and dorsal fins there are thin white stripes with orange edging. The caudal fin is orange with a broad white border. Pelvic fins white. The gill cover has a white spot. Juveniles have a coloration similar to adult fish, but without orange inclusions. Sexual differences are not expressed. In nature, the size of fish reaches 25 cm in length, while in the aquarium, it usually does not exceed 20 cm.

Acanthurus achilles rather demanding fish, especially it is expressed in their transportation. The fish body is very sensitive to injury, which very often result in inflammatory processes, leading sometimes to the death of fish. Therefore, to catch and transport fish must follow all precautions, trying not to hurt them, which is not easy to do. That is why these fish are rarely found in trade.

Keep Acanthurus achilles preferably one at a time in an aquarium of 400 liters. It should be placed as much as possible of the living stones overgrown with algae. This fish are active and need plenty of free space for swimming. Achilles does not cause damage to corals, and therefore they can easily be kept in a reef aquarium. Can be kept in a common aquarium with other fish species, except surgeons to which they are aggressive.

Acanthurus achilles

Water parameters: temperature 22-26°C, pH 8.1-8.4. Water filtration and aeration are required.

Lighting must be bright. The duration of the daylight hours of at least 10 hours per day.

The menu of fish are mainly food of plant origin. In aquarium conditions the fish are given algae, spinach and lettuce leaves, as well as dry flake food designed for herbivorous marine fish. Nutrition is also needed for animal food - ground meat of mussels, squid and shrimp. It is desirable to place in the aquarium live stones, heavily algae-covered and as the fish will nibble algae, replace them. Virtually all day fish are in search of food exploring all the corners of the aquarium.


Under aquarium conditions to achieve breeding Acanthurus achilles not possible. All fish are supplied to the domestic market from their natural habitat.

Acanthurus achilles

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