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Solenostoma tetragonum

Solenostoma tetragonum grows naturally in humid conditions in South Asia and Australia along riverbanks on wet sandy, clay and muddy soils. It is a rather beautiful and undemanding moss. Due to the fact that its bushes have a compact size, its content is possible even in small nano-aquariums.

Solenostoma tetragonum is a leaf-covered liverwort moss. This slow-growing moss creates a picturesque cushion due to its straight stems growing obliquely with dense, rounded alternating leaves about 1 mm in diameter. The edges of the leaf plate are smooth. The maximum bush size is 5 cm. The growth rate is low, but the moss grows evenly throughout the year.

Solenostoma tetragonum

Plant Solenostoma tetragonum in the foreground or on various decorations by attaching it to them with fishing line. Growing solenostoma forms a completely unique substrate of light green color. Aquarium fish do not usually touch this liverwort, so under acceptable conditions, the development of moss is not hindered. Especially useful to keep this moss in an aquarium with shrimp, which among its branches breed well. In addition, this plant will be a godsend for those who want to create a fabulous atmosphere in their aquarium.

Water parameters: temperature 22-28° C, hardness dH 1-20°, pH 5,0-8,0. Quality filtration is required. Water in the aquarium should be crystal clear, is not allowed in the water fine sediment, which settled on the leaves of moss not only spoils their appearance, but within a short time can lead to the death of the bush. Feeding with CO2 at a concentration of 10-20 mg/l is desirable. Also, this kind of moss responds well to the application of liquid mineral fertilizers.

Medium light intensity is recommended for this relatively easy to maintain moss. Duration of the daylight hours should be at least 8 hours a day. If it is problematic to reduce the brightness of the light bulbs, you can plant on the surface of the water bushes of floating plants that will serve as natural light filters, significantly reducing the intensity of light hitting the bushes of Solenostoma quadrangular.


Solenostoma tetragonum is propagated by division. When the moss grows over time, small mats form, which can be carefully divided into parts and planted in a new place, pressing them to the ground with a small stone or by tying a nylon thread to a snag or large stone.

Solenostoma tetragonum

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