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Pseudomugil paskai red neon

Pseudomugil paskai red neon is a relatively new fish, first discovered in 1983. In nature, these fish inhabit bodies of water in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. The fish lead a gregarious lifestyle, swimming in slow-flowing sections of rivers, densely overgrown with aquatic vegetation. In such places, the water is very turbid. Fish are very beautiful and easy to keep, so they can handle even beginners.

Pseudomugil paskai red neon has a slender body. Dorsal plumage, orange in color, two-component, the second fin is much larger than the first. All fins except the pectoral fins have fine dark mottling and are bordered in yellow. The tail plumage is slightly yellowish compared to the overall orange coloration of the entire body. In contrast to males, females have no dark mottling on their fins, and their overall coloration is paler. The maximum size of the fish is 3-3.5 cm.

Pseudomugil paskai red neon

Pseudomugil paskai red neon should be kept in a group of 8-10 individuals, ideally more. In this case, the fish acquire spectacular coloration, and males exhibit in front of females in the struggle for their attention, their beauty, straightening all their fins. When the content of fish in a smaller number, they become too timid. The aquarium should be densely planted with a variety of plants. At the surface of the water can be placed bushes of floating plants, which will serve as a good natural light filter and in their shadow the fish will feel much more relaxed. At the bottom can be placed snags and branches of trees. The fish can be kept in a small aquarium 45x30 cm. If you want to keep adult fish and fry in the same tank, you need to put at the bottom of a few small-leaved bushes of moss in the thick of which will hide fry. Pseudomugil paskai red keeping together with comparable size of peaceful fish, as well as shrimp.

Landing fish in a new aquarium only after the establishment of its biological balance, because the fish are very susceptible to fluctuations in the chemical composition of water. Water parameters: temperature 18-26° C, hardness dH 2-14°, pH 6,5-7,5. Need filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh. It is also desirable to create a little water flow, for example, by directing the outgoing nozzle of the water filter along one of the long walls of the aquarium.

Pseudomugil paskai red neon

Under natural conditions, the fish's menu consists of phytoplankton, zooplankton, and small invertebrates. In aquarium conditions the fish are fed daphnia, artemia, micro-worms. The fish do not refuse to and dried floating, pre-shredded feed. Feed the fish at least 2 times a day.


Pseudomugil paskai red neon reaches sexual maturity by the age of six months.

It should be borne in mind that this species of fish do not care about the eggs and fry and during the spawning process is happy to eat their eggs. Spawning is stimulated by increasing the water temperature to 28-29 ° C. Females hatch eggs in batches of several eggs every day for 3-4 days. The eggs are sticky and attached to the leaves of plants and substrate. The same male may mate with several females during the same day. Spawning occurs only during the daytime.

There are two basic methods of breeding fish:

  • The first involves the selection of a small group of fish, consisting of 1 male and 2-3 females, which are placed in a small spawning tank with a filter in the form of foam sponge and placed on the bottom of the separator mesh. Bottom siphon constantly several times a day sucking eggs, which are placed in another aquarium. Also check and foam sponge on the presence of eggs on it, which also gently moved into another aquarium;
  • An alternative is to keep the fish in a large tank with lots of plants, which give some fry a chance to survive. This method is usually less productive, but simpler.

The incubation period, depending on water temperature, is about 10 days. The hatched larvae begin to feed on the fifth day. At this time they are fed with artemia and micro-worms. You can also give the fry a variety of dry powdered food. Feed the fry need 2-3 times a day. Water quality must be monitored, as dirty water can lead to high mortality among the fry, so regular water changes in small portions are recommended.

Pseudomugil paskai red neon

Pseudomugil paskai red neon life span is short-lived. In nature, fish live for only one reproductive season. Increase the lifespan of fish to 12-18 months can only be in aquariums with the required water parameters, not allowing them to drastic changes.

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