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Scatophagus argus

Scatophagus argus is widely distributed in the Indo-Pacific, from Kuwait to Australia and Japan. The fish are born in freshwater reservoirs and move to seawater areas as they mature.

Scatophagus argus

The coloration of Scatophagus argus varies widely and depends on both the age of the fish and its habitat. In nature, the size of fish sometimes reaches 38 cm, while in the aquarium, their length does not exceed 20 cm. The body of the fish is high, compressed from the sides, covered with fine scales. The fins have spines that contain poison. The fins are translucent. The body and spines are colored gold or greenish-yellow and dotted with rounded black spots. Especially beautiful young fish, whose body is more rounded shape, the upper part of the body is orange-red, silvery belly, with black spots. as an adult, the coloration fades, the body becomes silvery-bronze color with a small amount of black spots and stripes of red in the upper body. sexual differences are not expressed.

To keep fish need a spacious aquarium of 200 liters. They are gregarious fish and keep them in the aquarium, preferably in a group of at least 3-4 fish. Green Argus are active, so the aquarium must have a place free from decorations, where the fish could swim. At the bottom you can place stones, snags and artificial plants. Live plants in the aquarium can not be planted, because they will certainly be eaten by fish. Necessary shelter in the form of grottoes, which could swim fish, and the number of shelters was at least equal to the number of fish in the aquarium, each individual could have their own shelter.

Scatophagus argus

Brackish water with a temperature of 22-28°C, hardness dH 10-18° and acidity pH 7,5-8,5 is preferred. Pisces are very demanding to the quality of water, which must be crystal clear and contain a minimum amount of nitrates. Necessary weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh diluted with a small amount of table salt. Keep in mind that only young fish can live in fresh water, and adults need brackish water (10-15%). In fresh water, adult fish become sick and do not live long. The presence of powerful biofiltration is a must. In addition, it is desirable to create a current of water along one of the long walls of the aquarium, as fish like to be on the current.

Scatophagus argus fish are omnivorous. These fish eat almost any food, which they give, and eat it in large quantities, so dispensed food should be strictly dosed. Also in the diet of fish should be and plant food.


There are no confirmed data on the successful breeding of Scatophagus argus in captivity.

The life expectancy of Scatophagus argus is about 15 years.

Scatophagus argus

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