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Fissidens sp. Thailand

Thai moss belongs to the new and fairly rare mosses, which have been relatively recently imported into the domestic market from Thailand. The plant is generally attractive and easy to care for, so it can be safely recommended, even to beginners aquarists.

Fissidens sp. Thailand has a bright green coloration. The branches of the moss, strongly resembling the branches of fir trees, grow strictly vertically. The growth rate is slow. The root system is weak, due to which the moss does not stick to the substrate well. As new branches form, old branches begin to turn yellow and die off. The maximum height of the bush is 3-5 cm.

Fissidens sp. Thailand

Thai moss is a great decoration element for almost any aquarium. Especially it will be in demand in aquariums where there are small species of fish and shrimp. Almost all small inhabitants of an aquarium can find a shelter in the bushes. In addition, the thick branches of moss like to spawn many fish species. Set out bushes of moss is desirable in the middle ground, where it will be well in harmony with the background of tall plants in the background.

Fix the bush of Thai moss on a rock or snag can be fixed with a cotton thread. In 2-3 weeks the thread will rot, and during this time the moss will have time to fix on the substrate. When handling moss bushes, be careful, because it clings to the substrate very weakly. Although moss does not grow on the substrate, its presence is still a must, as it serves as a natural filter. In the absence of soil the vital activity of various useful bacteria will be slowed down so that the oxygen will lose the required amount of recycled products. Due to the fact that the Thai moss consumes nutrients from the water, the soil plays an important role in the process of its life.

Water parameters: temperature 15-28° C, hardness dH 3-9°, pH 5,0-7,5. Need a quality water filtration, as the presence of fine sediment, settling on the leaves of moss, not only spoil their appearance, but also lead to their death. Feeding with CO2 and liquid microfertilizers, which have a beneficial effect on the plant - it becomes bright green and takes a lush form is desirable.

Fissidens sp. Thailand

There are no particular requirements for lighting, and it can have both medium intensity and be very strong (0.3 W / L and above). Duration of daylight hours is 8-12 hours per day.

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