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Dawkinsia assimilis

Dawkinsia assimilis is naturally found in both fast and slow flowing rivers in southwestern India. The fish takes its name from the biologist Richard Dawkins, who first discovered it. The fish is quite attractive and undemanding. Recommended for novice aquarists.

Dawkinsia assimilis

Adult males of Dawkinsia assimilis have a more striking coloration than the females. These fish are distinguished by a red dotted line running along the lateral line of the body and a large dark spot at the root of the tail plumage. This line divides the body into two parts - the upper golden and the lower silver. Females are slightly larger than males, their abdomen is rounded and their body colour is less bright. Both sexes may develop filamentous rays on the dorsal fin. During the spawning season the males display small growths on their heads. In general, these fish are very similar to Filamentosa barbs, and they are quite often confused with each other. The fish reach a size of 9-12 cm.

Dawkinsia assimilis are peaceful fish. They can easily be kept in a common tank with other peace-loving fish. Keep barbs should be a flock of at least 8-10. For such a number of fish need an aquarium volume of at least 200 liters. In a flock, fish are less fearful and in addition between the males are fewer clashes, because each of them focuses all of their attention on maintaining the hierarchical position within the group and not spilling their attention on intraspecific aggression.

Dawkinsia assimilis

Water parameters: temperature 19-25° C, hardness dH 2-10°, pH 6.0-7.0. Water needs filtration and increased aeration, as well as weekly water changes of 1/3rd of fresh water. Pisces are sensitive to the content of organic matter in the water, so you should aim for a minimum concentration. It is advisable to create a small water current in the aquarium.

A mixture of coarse sand with fine gravel can be used as a substrate. Large stones and snags can be placed on the bottom.

Dawkinsia assimilis feed on various worms, insects and crustaceans. In an aquarium, the fish eat live and frozen comas: bloodworms, daphnia, artemia as well as a variety of dry food in the form of flakes and pellets. The fish need to be fed at least twice a day.


Under aquarium conditions, Dawkinsia assimilis breed at certain intervals. The females spawn in the water column and the males immediately fertilize them. Immediately after spawning, the spawners must be removed or they will eat all their eggs.

The eggs are incubated for 1-2 days and 24 hours later the fry begin to swim and eat. The fry are fed live dust and artemia.

Dawkinsia assimilis

The life expectancy of Dawkinsia assimilis under aquarium conditions is 3-4 years.

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