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Sinularia flexibilis

Sinularia flexibilis is widely distributed in the eastern Indian Ocean and western Pacific. This photosynthetic soft coral with long petals can be found in large colonies in a wide variety of environments, but it is most commonly found in shallow areas with fairly strong currents. These corals are very hardy and can be recommended to novice aquarists.

Sinularia flexibilis

Sinularia flexibilis is a hardy soft coral, which is widely distributed not only in nature but also in trade. Although these corals are capable of developing normally in a wide range of environments, they tend to do better in well-lit areas of the aquarium where a strong water current is present. The coral is very large and can reach a height of 1 m in the natural environment, although in an aquarium they usually do not exceed 30-40 cm.

Keep Sinularia flexibilis should be in an aquarium of 200 liters or more. Place them in the brightest places, but keep in mind that Sinularia very fast growing and in a relatively short time it may happen that they begin to overshadow each other. Therefore, when placing corals in the tank, care should be taken to keep them well spaced. Keep in mind that this coral is quite toxic to other corals inhabiting the reef aquarium, therefore it is advisable to keep Sinularia alone in one aquarium, or keep them as far away from other corals as possible. This is because this coral species has been recorded in many cases, in which it hindered or significantly slowed the growth of other coral species growing in the vicinity.

Sinularia flexibilis

Because of its hardiness and availability in trade, and on top of that due to its beautiful appearance and relatively low price, these corals can be recommended for purchase as the first corals for reef aquariums.

Water parameter requirements: temperature 23-28°C, pH 8.1-8.2, calcium 380 to 430 mg/l, alkalinity 2.5 to 3.0 mEq/l, phosphate <0.015 mg/l, nitrate <15 mg/l. Good filtration and strong aeration is essential for successful keeping of these corals. In the aquarium with a water pump to create a strong current of water directed along the back wall of the aquarium, not on the coral itself.

Direct feeding of Sinularia flexibilis is not required because they are photosynthetic corals, but like all photosynthetic corals, feed on plankton and will have a healthier appearance if you feed them zooplankton. Under aquarium conditions, corals can be fed Artemia nauplii.

Sinularia flexibilis

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