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Discus Red Melon

Discus Red Melon, the red melon discus, is a breeding form introduced to the general public in 1991 in Thailand. This fish was bred by the famous discus breeder Kiti Panaiti. The fish has actually turned out to be very interesting and not only in terms of its attractive appearance, but also because it is able to crossbreed with other discus species.

Discus Red Melon differs from other discus species by its scarlet eyes. Initially, the first specimens of these fish had a lot of dark spots on the body of a small size, which gave the fish a kind of mysterious appearance. As a result of further breeding managed to get rid of these spots, resulting in the fish had a red-orange coloring of the body, with its head painted in pale orange or gray. There are no sex differences. The maximum size of the fish is 20 cm.

Discus Red Melon

Discus Red Melon shy fish. Keep them preferably in a group of at least 5 individuals. For such a number of fish need an aquarium of 300 liters of volume. possible content discus in a common aquarium with other peace-loving fish. Due to the fact that the discus are very shy and sensitive to stress, the best neighbors for them in the aquarium will be small peaceful fish such as tetras. At the same time, be aware that too small and inactive fish may be eaten discus. Also, do not keep in the same aquarium with discus different catfish with mouths like suckers, because they sometimes attach to the sides of discus and damage their mucous membranes.

Many aquarists consider discus fish tender and susceptible to various diseases. If proper conditions are not maintained in the aquarium, the fish begin to get sick and die. To avoid this, you must maintain the following water parameters: the temperature 26-31° C, at a temperature of 29° C is ideal for adult fish, while for juveniles the optimum temperature is 31° C. The water must be soft, hardness dH 1-9 ° and have an acidity pH 5,7-7,2. Need quality water filtration, aeration and its weekly replacement of 1/3 of fresh water. The concentration of ammonia and nitrogen in the water should be minimal.

Discus Red Melon

Given the high water temperature when keeping discus, in the aquarium with them, you can plant only those plants that will be able to grow normally in such an environment, or replace them with artificial counterparts.

Feeding Discus Red Melon is usually not a problem. The fish will eat almost any food with a high protein content. However, they are extremely reluctant to eat new food and sometimes do not eat for weeks before accepting a new type of food. This should not frighten you, since after a month of starvation the fish nearly always start to eat the new food they are given. Feed the fish just once a day.


Over time, one or more pairs are formed among a group of fish. It should be warned at once that the fish are very fastidious about the choice of a partner. The resulting pair is easy to identify among the flock of fish, as they constantly swim together. A pair of producers are deposited in the spawning tank of about 80 liters. In nerestovike need to arrange several large flat stones on one of which the female in the process of spawning will lay eggs. Producers take care of the eggs and fry.

Hatch fry first time eating secretions allocated on the skin of their parents, and after 1.5-2 weeks begin to eat Artemia nauplii. During the rearing of fry need to constantly monitor the water parameters, preventing significant variations in water temperature. Also need a daily or every other day, 1/5 of the aquarium water change with fresh water.

Discus Red Melon

The life expectancy of the Discus Red Melon under aquarium conditions is about 10-12 years.

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