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Bucephalandra sp. Aurora Blue

Bucephalandra sp. Aurora Blue is a very beautiful plant native to the island of Borneo. The plant is universally recognized for its unique coloring and takes almost central place in aquariums amateurs, decorating a virtually any object scenery. The plant is rare enough and found it on sale can not often. This plant is recommended for keeping only experienced aquarists.

Bucephalandra sp. Aurora Blue

Bucephalandra sp. Aurora Blue is characterized by a high growth rate, although it depends to a large extent on the keeping conditions. The adult bush of the plant is quite large and it is recommended to plant it in the background of the aquarium. Bucephalandra stem is erect. The leaf plate is rounded, a little stiff, located on small petioles. The entire surface of the leaf is dotted with light small mottles, and its edges are slightly wavy. The coloring of the leaves is dark green with a bluish tinge.

Planting Bucephalandra sp. Aurora Blue is recommended at the most prominent place of the aquarium, in the central part. The plant looks equally well as planted alone or near other plants. Especially beautiful looks shrub Bucephalandra sp. Aurora Blue against a background of a large stone or a large snag. Generally speaking, against the background of this bush any kind of decorations simply pales in its beauty. The plant looks particularly beautiful in an aquarium with small fish and shrimps, and given the compact size of the bush it is possible to grow it even in small nano aquariums.

Bucephalandra sp. Aurora Blue

Water parameters: temperature 22-24° C, hardness dH about 6°, pH 6,2-6,8. The water parameters must be strictly monitored, preventing abrupt changes. Necessary daily feeding liquid iron macrofertilizer, as well as weekly fertilization with micro. Also needed around the clock feeding CO2 in low concentrations and a weekly change of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh water.

Although the plant grows in medium light conditions, it still looks best in bright light with an intensity of about 1 W/l. Duration of the daylight hours is about 8 hours per day.


Multiply Bucephalandra sp. Aurora Blue by dividing its rhizome. From an adult bush cut off a piece of root with 2-3 leaves with a blade and then plant it in nutritious soil. Under good conditions, the plant grows well and in some cases may require systematic pruning.

Bucephalandra sp. Aurora Blue

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