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So, you have decided to become the owner of a home aquarium. The undertaking is extremely interesting, but also responsible, because its future residents should be healthy, cheerful and even, if possible, inclined to breeding, and for this the beginner will have to work hard. Consult with colleagues in the hobby, look for information on the Internet, buy literature, and then get down to business.


Choice of the aquarium itself, in general, is simple: at the beginning should not buy a multi-liter unit at half the room, it will require a large amount of effort to arrange, which for inexperienced aquarists can be overwhelming. At first it is better to take a small container and populate it with a few less demanding fish. Do not fear that it would be too boring, nothing of the sort. On the contrary, the interest in the employment of a small aquarium as much, but the risk is much less. With time and experience will become apparent the wisdom of this decision.

The next thing you need to buy is a water filter, a compressor that provides oxygen to the fish, a net and a lamp of cold light. This is a minimum set for the beginning: in dirty water, without oxygen and light fish will not live long, so equip their housing at least this minimum is necessary.


For beauty and comfort, you can arrange a piece of the seabed: to fill in pebbles, stick snags and shells, plant plants. All these decorations must be pre-disinfect: algae wash in a weak solution of manganese solution, the rest carefully boil. The same treatment before lowering into the water, and everything so that the inhabitants of the aquarium have remained healthy.

To feed the fish sold different food: both dry and live, the main rule here - do not allow the remains of food to remain in the water to decompose. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the dosage and monitor whether everything is eaten. Collect the under-eaters with a net from the surface or suction from the bottom, thoroughly and carefully. Deal with the very tiny remnants, as well as with greenery on the windows, good help sticky catfish. Wonderful cleaners, also very cute.

Tips for the novice aquarist

The choice of fish and decorations is wide and imaginative, starting with the simpler ones. Aquaristics is a relaxed and interesting hobby, your own piece of nature with its own inhabitants. Arrangement of its residents, watching their relationship, over time, fry and new fish - this is the whole world! And when experience comes, it becomes even more interesting.

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