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Microdevario gatesi

Microdevario gatesi naturally inhabits the lower basin of the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, Burma. This river is slow-flowing and highly marshy. The fish inhabit densely vegetated waterways, of which there are many in the Irrawaddy. The water in these places is very muddy, due to the presence of suspended silt in it. The fish got its name after Gordon E. Gates, who first discovered it. It should be noted that before 2009, this fish was called Burmese gold rasborah and to this day, some aquarists and call it so. Fish undemanding, easy to keep and can be recommended to beginners aquarists.

Microdevario gatesi has a translucent body, through which well see all of its internal organs, along with the backbone. In the reflected light, the coloration of the fish becomes golden or silver. Sexual differences are poorly expressed. Mature females are usually larger than males. Coloration of males is more vivid. The maximum size of fish is 2-2.3 cm.

Microdevario gatesi

Microdevario gatesi very peaceful fish who will not give anyone trouble. It is possible to keep these fish in a common aquarium with other peace-loving fish. Keep Danio Gates should be a group of at least 8-10 individuals. Floating in a flock fish are less shy and exhibit a more natural behavior, and males take more attractive coloration as a result of competition for the attention of females.

To contain the fish suit the aquarium volume of 40 liters. The aquarium should be densely planted with a variety of plants. At the surface of the water should be placed bushes of floating plants. At the bottom should be placed snags and branches of trees.

Water parameters: temperature 20-27° C, hardness dH 1-12°, pH 6,0-7,5. Filtration must be weak, so as not to create a large current of water. Necessary weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh.

Medium light intensity, lasting about 10 hours per day.

In natural conditions, fish eat small invertebrates, algae and zooplankton. Under aquarium conditions the fish are fed a variety of dry food, but the basis of the food should be live and frozen food: small littleneck, daphnia, artemia, etc. feed the fish need to 2 times a day.


Under acceptable conditions Microdevario gatesi spawns quite often. Like many fish of the carp family, the danio shows no concern for future offspring. During spawning, the female hatches eggs in the water column throughout the aquarium. The males immediately fertilize the eggs. The eggs, having sunk to the bottom and leaves of plants, presented themselves, and producers immediately after spawning do not mind her eat, so the percentage of surviving fry will be negligible. The eggs are incubated 2,5-3 days, after which hatch fry that begin to swim on 3-4 days after birth. To save the offspring of producers immediately after spawning should be transferred to another aquarium.

Microdevario gatesi

During the first days of life, the fry are fed live dust and specialized dry food designed for fry. After 2 weeks, the fry begin to be fed micro worms and artemia.

Life expectancy Microdevario gatesi in aquarium conditions is about 2-3 years.

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