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Trigonostigma somphongsi

Trigonostigma somphongsi belongs to the very rare fish, which can not often be found not only in aquariums, but also in nature. It is believed that in natural conditions, these fish inhabit bodies of water located in western Thailand, although for certain the exact area of their habitat is not known, according to some reports these fish have died out. It should be noted that all other fish of this family live in slow-flowing rivers and forest streams, densely overgrown with aquatic plants such as Cryptocoryne. The water in these areas is brownish-yellow in color due to the presence of tannins and other chemicals released by the decomposition of organics. The substrate is covered with a thick layer of fallen leaves, tree branches and snags. These places are semi-dark due to the dense aquatic vegetation and the forest cover above.

Trigonostigma somphongsi

The males of Trigonostigma somphongsi have a copper-orange body coloration, while the females are yellowish. A longitudinal band of black runs down the body from about the middle part of the body to the root of the tail plumage. Females are slightly larger than males. The maximum size of fish is 2.5-3 cm.

Trigonostigma somphongsi peaceful gregarious fish that no one in the aquarium will not cause discomfort. Keep these fish are recommended a group of at least 8-10 individuals. Perhaps the content in a common aquarium with other smaller types of fish, with larger neighbors Trigonostigma somphongsi feel some discomfort and try to hide among the thickets of plants.

Keep fish preferably in an aquarium of 60 liters. The aquarium should be densely planted with plants, do not require bright light. At the bottom of the arrange snags and branches of trees. Also desirable to add dried oak leaves at the bottom, which give the water a brownish color, which simulates the conditions to which fish are used to in nature.

Trigonostigma somphongsi

Water parameters: temperature 22-26° C, hardness dH 1-8°, acidity pH 5,0-7,0. Requires filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh.

In natural conditions Trigonostigma somphongsi feeds on small insects, worms and crustaceans. In the aquarium, the fish are given a variety of live and frozen food such as chironomid, artemia, daphnia, as well as dry food in the form of flakes and pellets.


Breeding Trigonostigma somphongsi in the aquarium, due to the fact that these fish are on the verge of extinction, is of particular importance. By all accounts, it is not that difficult, since the spawning process is similar to that of other fish of the carp family, the only difference being that the total amount of eggs discharged is very small.

During spawning, the female lays eggs on the underside of the broad leaves of plants. Producers do not show concern for their future offspring, and immediately after spawning do not mind to eat eggs, so immediately after spawning, it is desirable to transfer them into another aquarium.

The eggs are incubated, depending on the water temperature, 24-48 hours. Fry begin to swim and eat at 5-7 days after birth.

The fry are fed live dust, artemia and dry food designed for fish fry.

Trigonostigma somphongsi

Life expectancy of Trigonostigma somphongsi in aquarium conditions is about 2-3 years.

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