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Many aquarists must have experienced a very unpleasant moment when approaching the aquarium on the floor near it found one or more fish jumped out of the aquarium. To prevent fish jumping out of the aquarium the only correct solution would be to cover the aquarium with a coverslip, a lid or a net over its surface. But what measures do lovers of open-top aquariums need to take? For these aquarists, there is a solution on the market - Bananaquarium FishGuard. It's a new solution that prevents fish jumping out of the aquarium by using a net in the form of a band around the perimeter of the aquarium walls. The middle part of the water surface of the aquarium remains completely open.

Currently, many companies offer similar solutions to prevent fish jumping out of the aquarium while completely covering the entire surface of the aquarium with a grid, and reasonably begs the question - but in general, how reliable is it to cover the mesh part of the surface of the aquarium, offered by Bananaquarium?

If you look at the picture with the FishGuard mesh, you can immediately notice a considerable space in the middle of the water surface, which is not protected by anything, through which fish seem to be able to jump freely out of the aquarium. But specialists at Bananaquarium think otherwise - in their opinion it is superfluous to cover the entire top of the aquarium with a net. By covering the entire surface of the aquarium with netting, aquarists will have difficulty caring for the aquarium and feeding the fish when they have to systematically remove the netting.

FishGuard, according to its developers, is designed primarily to solve most cases of fish jumping out of the aquarium. As they point out, fish jump out of the aquarium in most cases due to fights, fright, and territorial disputes. As a result, the fish swim around and as they approach the glass they begin to swim upwards with acceleration and thus jump out of the water. As you have already understood, the fish do not jump out of the water in the center of the aquarium, but along the side walls.

FishGuard uses corner mounts, between which a transparent mesh is stretched.

Bananaquarium FishGuard

The whole construction is quite weightless and the mesh does not need to be periodically removed and re-tensioned - it is in the operating position all the time. FishGuard is designed for aquariums with perpendicular angles and glass thicknesses of 6 to 12 mm.

As far as the price of the FishGuard is concerned, it can already be found in European stores for about 30 Euro.

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