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Acanthurus coeruleus

Acanthurus coeruleus is a very beautiful fish that lives in the Atlantic Ocean, from Bermuda and Florida to the northern coast of Brazil. These fish can be found in depths from 2 to 60 m. On average, the length of fish reaches 23 cm, but some specimens can reach a length of about 40 cm. Juveniles lead a solitary life, while adults keep pairs or small groups (up to 10 specimens in the group). Keep Acanthurus coeruleus a bit more difficult than some other surgeon fish, but their beauty fully compensates the difficulty of their care. Only trained aquarists can recommend these fish.

Acanthurus coeruleus

The coloration of Acanthurus coeruleus varies as the fish matures. Young fish are bright yellow with blue fins. The fish then develop a pale blue coloration with yellow tail plumage. Adult fish have a rich blue coloration with a contrasting yellow or white backbone. Males are much smaller than females.

Acanthurus coeruleus is best kept singly. While they live in nature in small groups, in aquarium conditions the fish become aggressive towards each other. To successfully keep these fish need to fulfill certain requirements. Pay close attention to the diet of the fish and maintain ideal water quality. Keep the fish should be in an aquarium of 400 liters. When repopulating the surgeon in a common aquarium with other residents, it should be run in it last. Fish swim in all layers of water during the day, and at night hiding in shelters.

The water must be clean with stable parameters. It is necessary to create a strong water flow, for example, using a pump, as the fish are very fond of swimming against the current.

Acanthurus coeruleus

The aquarium should be mature, with lots of live rock. Water parameters: temperature 22-26° C, pH 8.1-8.4, salinity 1.023-1.025. Twice a month should be substituted 1/10th of the aquarium water with fresh.

Acanthurus coeruleus fish are very active, so it needs to be fed more often than many other fish. This fish is an herbivore, it feeds on brown, red, green and blue-green algae. Under aquarium conditions, fish quickly become accustomed to alternative foods. After adapting to aquarium conditions, they begin to eat dry food in the form of flakes and pellets containing spirulina. The fish are also fed meat shrimp, octopus and mussels. In order to prevent some diseases, which are susceptible to blue surgeons, it is advisable to soak the food in vitamin C before feeding. The fish should be fed three times a day.


Under aquarium conditions Acanthurus coeruleus does not breed. All fish are supplied to the domestic market from their natural habitat.

Life expectancy of blue surgeons in aquarium conditions is about 30 years.

Acanthurus coeruleus

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