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Acanthurus bariene

Acanthurus bariene (Black-spot surgeonfish) naturally inhabits the western and eastern Indian Ocean, and the northwestern and western Pacific Ocean. Adult fish swim at depths of 10 to 50 m along the steep slopes of reefs, singly or in pairs. Juveniles keep in flocks in quiet lagoons in shallow water at a depth of 0.2-3 m.

Acanthurus bariene is a beautiful fish, with attractive coloration. Its body, brownish or greenish coloration, decorated with fine lines and small yellowish spots. The dorsal plumage is broad, yellow with blue coloring at its root. There are yellow rings around the eyes. The lips are white. In adult males the forehead becomes distinctly pronounced with a slight hump. Juveniles have a less bright, grayish coloration. In natural conditions, the size of fish reaches 50 cm, although in aquariums they are usually less than 35 cm.

Acanthurus bariene

Black-spot surgeonfish is not harmful to corals and invertebrates and can be kept in a reef aquarium without problems. At the same time, it is aggressive towards tribesmen and other fish of his family, the rest of the fish he is indifferent. If, however, is expected to contain Acanthurus bariene with other types of surgeon, in order to reduce conflicts between them must use very large aquariums with numerous shelters.

Keep Acanthurus bariene preferably singly or in pairs in an aquarium of 600 liters per 1 individual. The aquarium should be a large number of live rock and plenty of free space for swimming. Strong lighting is required to stimulate the growth of algae, which these fish feed on.

Water parameters: temperature 23-29° C, pH 8,1-8,4, salinity 1.020-1.025. Surgeon Bariena has excellent immunity and rarely falls ill.

These fish are herbivores. Their main diet consists of seaweed. In aquariums, fish eat algae growing on live rock, so you should systematically replace live stones with new ones, with lots of algae on them. Also fish are fed spinach leaves, lettuce, and dry food containing spirulina. It is desirable to diversify the menu of fish animal food: shredded meat shrimp, mussels and squid.

Acanthurus bariene


Acanthurus bariene do not breed under aquarium conditions. All fish are supplied to the domestic market from their natural habitat.

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