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Pseudanthias huchtii

Pseudanthias huchtii inhabits the Western Pacific: from the Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea, south to the Great Barrier Reef. Pisces can be found in shallow water, among the steep cliffs of reefs, where they swim in small groups at a depth of 1 to 20 m, eating zooplankton. Keep these fish are recommended aquarists with some experience in caring for the sea aquarium.

Pseudanthias huchtii is quite attractive, hardy and somewhat aggressive fish. Males have a yellowish green body with an orange vertical stripe behind the eyes. Females have a yellowish coloration, but not as bright as males. The maximum size of the fish is 12 cm.

This is one of the most hardy members of the antias family. Pseudanthias huchtii quickly adapt to life in an aquarium. They are very active, brisk, constantly in motion fish. Most of the time fish spend in the middle layer of water.

Pseudanthias huchtii.

Keep the fish should be a group consisting of 1 male and at least 8 females. Males exhibit aggression not only towards each other but also to the females, so the more females, the better - the attention of the male will be distributed between them, which will temper his belligerent ardor. Also, in the case of single males alone, their coloration becomes faded and unattractive.

To content the fish need an aquarium of 500 liters. The aquarium should be placed large stones from them constructed something like stony caves. In the middle layer of water to leave free space for swimming fish. Pseudanthias huchtii can be kept in a common aquarium with other fish, but when repopulating the aquarium Pseudanthias huchtii need last. Do not add new individuals to the established group of fish, as this will inevitably lead to their death. In case the male suddenly died, his place will take one of the strongest females. If you keep fish in a small communal aquarium, Pseudanthias huchtii often in conflict with the goobans, angelfish and grammians. Pseudanthias huchtii do not harm invertebrates and are excellent candidates for settlement in a reef aquarium.

Pseudanthias huchtii

Water parameters: temperature 22-27° C, pH 8,0-8,5, salinity 1.020-1.026. Requires filtration and aeration of water. Also need to create a fairly strong current of water in the aquarium, for example, with a pump. Fish can jump out of the aquarium, so you need an aquarium lid.

Feed the fish ground meat of shrimp, squid, clams and fish. You may find it difficult to feed the newly launched into the aquarium fish, so at first they have to feed shrimp. Feed the fish at least 2 times a day.


In aquarium conditions Pseudanthias huchtii do not breed. All fish, on the domestic market, are supplied from their natural habitat.

Pseudanthias huchtii

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