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Altolamprologus calvus black

Altolamprologus calvus black lives under natural conditions in the southwestern regions of Lake Tanganyika in Africa.

Altolamprologus calvus black has an unusual body shape, strongly compressed from the sides. This build allows the fish to swim relatively easily into even the narrowest crevices and depressions among the rocks. That is where the fish looks for its prey, which are small fish, fry and various invertebrates. The body coloration of fish varies depending on their emotional state and their environment. Males are larger than females and have elongated fins. The maximum size of the fish is 12-13.8 cm.

Altolamprologus calvus black

To keep these fish suitably aquarium volume of 150 liters. At the bottom should be placed numerous stones, put in bulk, with the formation of caves between them, in which freely could swim these fish.

In general, Altolamprologus calvus black fish peace-loving and usually does not touch the fish commensurate with their size. At the same time, these fish are very shy towards more energetic fish. Keep Calvus black can be as a pair or a group consisting of one male and several females (3-4 pcs.).

Water parameters: temperature 25-28° C, hardness dH 8-20°, pH pH 7,5-9,0. Requires a weekly substitution of at least 1/3 of the aquarium water fresh or ¼ of it twice a week, as well as its effective filtration and aeration. Inadmissible changes in water parameters.

Lighting should be low, only in this case you can observe the fish. In strong light Altolamprologus calvus black prefers to hide in hiding.

It is very important to create a sufficient number of bottom shelters in the form of amnesia, snags, ceramic pots and bushes of plants among which each fish could find its own shelter.

Altolamprologus calvus black

The menu of the fish consists of live and frozen food, and they are reluctant to eat dry food. The fish need to be fed twice a day.


Successful breeding requires a strong pair of fish, which you can only get if you acquire a group of fish while still young. Sometimes, to form a strong pair requires about 2 years.

At spawning planted in the spawning tank a group of fish, consisting of 1 male and 3-4 females. Producers begin intensively fed a variety of live and frozen food.

The female chooses a shelter in which only she can fit herself, and the male treats the entrance around it with milk. After the female has laid eggs (up to 200 eggs), the pair begins to swathe them vigorously with their fins. The female is constantly near the eggs, while the male guards the entrance of the cave.

Larvae hatch in 2 days, and after 8-10 days start to swim freely. Once the fry turn off, the male should be removed, because he does not mind eating them. The female usually does not harm the fry.

The fry are fed artemia and micro worms. The fry grow very slowly. During the development of fry need to separate them, as larger individuals begin to prey on their smaller brethren.

Life expectancy Altolamprologus calvus black in aquarium conditions is about 8 years.

Altolamprologus calvus black

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