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Anubias barteri striped

Anubias barteri striped is a hybrid form of Anubias barteri bred in Thailand. Anubias barteri grows in natural conditions in water bodies located in West Africa. The plant can be found in rivers, streams and swamps. This species Anubias is excellent not only for experienced aquarists, but also for beginners, due to its undemanding and quick adaptation to the conditions of detention.

Anubias barteri striped, sometimes called "Spear", has slightly elongated leaves of light to dark green color. The leaf plate is pointed. The stems are long. On the reverse side of the leaf plate is clearly visible veins of dark green, which gave the plant its name "Striped". The height of the shrub reaches 10-15 cm. The speed of growth is slow. The bush grows equally well both underwater and aerial in humid greenhouse conditions. The plant has a strong root system and very stiff leaves, which in many cases protects the bush from many species of herbivorous and digging fish.

Anubias barteri striped

It is recommended to plant the bushes in the middle part of the aquarium. The best way to attach Anubias barteri striped to a rock or some snags, in which case the plant grows better and can even flower, though it blooms in most cases only in wet conditions in a greenhouse or paludarium.

The plant is undemanding to the light and is content with a fairly low level of light (about 0.3 W / L), which makes it ideal if you're new to aquaristics. Also keep in mind that in bright light, Anubias barteri striped striped leaves are susceptible to algae fouling, which significantly spoils their appearance and can cause them to die off.

Water parameters: temperature 22-26° C, hardness dH 1-15°, acidity pH 6,0-7,5. The plant forgives the aquarist many mistakes associated with water quality. Feeding CO2 is not required, but if it does produce, it contributes to the faster development of the bush. Necessary weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh.

As the soil is best suited sand or fine gravel. The soil should be well silted and rich in nutrients.

Anubias barteri striped


Anubias barteri striped is propagated by dividing its rhizome. To separate the part of the rhizome with a few leaves and plant it in a new place by pressing against the ground with a stone. Some time will pass and the cuttings will begin to grow slowly.

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