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Apistogramma uaupesi

Apistogramma uaupesi in natural conditions lives in the Rio Uaupés river basin, flowing through Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. The fish is not difficult to keep and is recommended for novice aquarists.

Males are larger than females and have a brighter coloration. Their fins are elongated, dorsal fin sailing shape. Females are yellowish in color, their abdomen and fins are rounded. In aquariums, males reach a size of 7 cm and females about 5 cm.

Apistogramma uaupesi

Keep Apistogramma uaupesi can be as singly, and harem, consisting of 1 male and 3-4 females, in an aquarium volume of 80 liters. They are especially hostile to the fish of their family or similar in size and color. Apistogramma uaupesi group is desirable to keep in a species aquarium.

Water parameters: temperature 24-29° C, hardness dH 0-10°, pH 4,0-7,0. Fish without any problems are able to withstand quite a long time increase in water temperature to 35° C. Requires quality filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh. In the filter element of the water filter, it is desirable to put pieces of peat. It is also necessary to monitor the level of nitrogen compounds in the water, because the fish are very sensitive to their excessive concentration.

As a substrate is desirable to use sand or fine gravel. At the bottom should be placed dry oak leaves, stones and snags. On the surface of the water to place several bushes of floating plants, and the perimeter of the aquarium is densely planted.

Apistogramma uaupesi.

The fish will eat almost any food, but to stimulate spawning, so that the fish are healthy and have a bright color, it is recommended to feed them live food: Tubifex, chironomid, artemia.


Apistogramma uaupesi breeding quite difficult and this is primarily due to the fact that for normal spawning fish need to create the right conditions with very soft and acidic water.

Female lays eggs in a shelter under driftwood, stones or plant leaves. Larvae hatch after 48-72 hours. For the first 2-3 days of life, the fry consume nutrients from their yolk sac. Once the fry are turned off, it is desirable to put the male. The fry are fed live dust and artemia.

Life expectancy Apistogramma uaupesi in aquarium conditions is about 6 years.

Apistogramma uaupesi

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