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Rotala Pearls

Rotala sp. Pearls in natural conditions grows along the banks of wetlands located in Singapore. The plant looks very unusual and is quite rare in the collections of aquarists. Recommended for keeping only experienced aquarists.

Rotala sp. Pearls has small, about 5 mm long, twisted arc-shaped leaves. The upper part of the leaf plate is greenish-yellow, and the lower part with a purple tint. The height of the bush reaches 50 cm. The growth rate is medium.

Rotala sp. Pearls

Being planted in the middle part of the aquarium Rotala sp. Pearls harmonizes very nicely with the rest of the plants. It should be noted that under unfavorable conditions of detention the plant can degenerate into another species of rotala strongly reminiscent of a Rotala rotundifolia. Plant shrubs rotala should be in a place where the water flow is minimal.

Water parameters: temperature 18-30° C, hardness dH 1-10°, pH 5,0-6,5. Feeding with CO2 at a concentration of 20-30 mg/l is necessary. Additional liquid fertilizers are also advisable, with one exception - their dosage must be at least 2 times lower than for other plants. Once every two weeks to replace 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh.

The soil is desirable soft, silted, in the form of sand or gravel, poured a layer of at least 3 cm. Under the roots of the plant should be put a few lumps of clay or peat.

Rotala sp. Pearls

Requires bright light, the intensity of which should be about 0.8-1.0 W / L. Duration of daylight hours of 11-12 hours a day. Only in bright light can the plant develop normally as it grows, releasing side shoots on its stem.

In general the plant is quite difficult to keep and requires constant attention. Nevertheless, all the work of cultivating it in the aquarium will pay off a hundredfold - the result will be a bush, which in beauty and decorative qualities will not be equal.


Propagated Rotala sp. Pearls by cuttings. To do this, a small part (about 6-8 cm) of the stem is cut on an adult bush and planted in the ground. After the cuttings acclimatize in the new place, they will release small roots and gradually grow. To somewhat accelerate the growth process, it is recommended to increase the water temperature in the aquarium to 30° C and make bright lights.

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