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Nowadays, it has become very fashionable to eat right, follow a healthy diet and maximize the saturation of the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. In this case, many people, even those who are so carefully monitored their diet, forget about the proper diet for aquarium fish. They simply buy ready-made food and give it to the fish when they remember of such a need, without even changing its species.

Of course, visiting a pet store, you can pick up food from the world's best manufacturers, who promise their "rich" composition, but even this food can not fully replace the fish food they find in nature. We by no means discourage you from buying quality ready meals, but you should combine them with live food in freeze-dried or frozen form, especially if you expect spawning.

A different food for every type of fish

Keep in mind a few simple rules:

  • Adjust food size to the size of the fish - there are small fish that either cannot eat too big food at all or spit it out after chewing a little, which means it is not suitable for them. It is especially important to select small food for the fry. Make it pretty simple - it should be as big as the size of the fish's eyes. If you choose live food, it is necessary to crush it before;
  • Never neglect the quality of the fish food. Pet stores today offer a huge variety of fish food, characterized by both low and high costs. We don't want to talk you into buying exclusively expensive food, but you should choose quality products from trusted manufacturers when choosing food. For example, you can order high quality fish food at the best price in the webshop with quick delivery;
  • The amount of food matters. Many aquarists determine the amount of food, which offers his fish, purely by eye, which is not entirely true. For example, feeding triple portions at a time will be very harmful, whereas the same food divided into three portions can only benefit the fish. Furthermore, it is advisable to buy different foods and to interchange them all the time when feeding the fish. Adult aquarium fish eat 1-2 times a day (the first feeding - an hour after turning on the light, and at the latest - an hour before lights out). Calculate the daily rate can be easily, it should be about five percent of the total weight of fish.

Do not be lazy to study the food that you give your fish, as well as choose the most appropriate and useful diet, and you get healthy fish and a beautiful aquarium.

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