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Newcomers often have a problem when starting their first aquarium. For example, parents asked children, failed, abandoned the process without actually starting it. It should be understood that starting the aquarium takes a long time and later will only need to maintain the normal life of this ecosystem. It is recommended to begin preparations by buying and reading the relevant literature, the help of experienced breeders. It is also necessary to make a list of anticipated purchases in advance.


To go to the pet store already know exactly what you need, specify the parameters of the equipment: aquarium size, compressor capacity, heater, lights, type of filter for water purification. It is desirable to buy an aquarium of at least sixty liters, as it is much easier to maintain biodiversity. It is recommended to thoroughly wash the future home of your pets without chemicals, baking soda. You can fill the aquarium with water, hold it for a few days. This will detect leaks and harmful substances from the caulk at the seams will get into the water, which is then poured out. The tank is quite heavy, so it is put empty in its chosen place along with the soil, or later fill in the soil, shells, put shelters.

Before pouring, it is desirable to let the water to stand for several days. To aerate the water must purchase a compressor, the performance of which affects the size of the aquarium. Plants can not fully cope with this task in an artificial ecosystem. The device is usually installed over water, or provided with additional protective valve. The water will not flow out of the aquarium in case of breakage. The filter removes various impurities as the water passes through its layers. Usually only the cleaning of debris and odor is noticeable, but there is a more important result related to the activity of beneficial microorganisms on the layers of the filter.

Types of filters:

  • Electric (external (outside the aquarium) and internal (inside)). The water passes through an electric pump. These filters have great efficiency, are versatile and are used almost everywhere.
  • Air (internal only). Air bubbles draw water into the filter. The devices have a simple construction, are cheap and require little energy.

Proper lighting is also essential for the health of the aquarium. Lamps are very important here. They differ in parameters such as size, power, light output and size of the base.

Types of lighting devices:

  • Fluorescent - close to the lighting in the natural environment, give a lot of light, do not heat the aquarium, can be used for a long time.
  • Metal halide - high light output, but low energy efficiency and high heat output. As a consequence, they are not used at home.
  • LEDs - have a fairly high luminous efficacy, consume little electricity.
  • Ultraviolet - used to eliminate clouding and greening as a result of bacteria and plant growth. They are rarely used in conjunction with other lamps.

Soil, aquatic plants and shelters

Functions of soil:

  • Aesthetic.
  • An ecological environment for animals.
  • The basis for planting plants.

Participation in maintenance of ecological balance. Useful micro-organisms settle on the surface of the soil, recycling unused remains of food and excrement of pets and thus cleaning the water.

Types of soil:

Natural - Sand, gravel, and small stones that are substrate in natural bodies of water. It can be coated with a safe color paint to enhance its attractiveness.
Artificial is made of plastic or glass, polymeric materials. Used as decoration.
Neutral (does not affect the composition of the water).

After backfilling the soil and filling with water, you can plant unpretentious plants like wallisneria. Then you can install shelters - large stones, snags, grottos. They will be fish hide themselves and their young.

Preparations for maintaining water purity

Before starting the fish, the water in the aquarium is recommended to settle, as it will be some time turbid due to bacterial reproduction. To accelerate this procedure, you can buy at a pet store specialized products (liquid conditioners, tablets to clean and soften the water hardness of aquariums, etc.). After a week, you can start the first unpretentious fish such as barbs and guppies. Slightly later - other species. The aquarium is ready for use.

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