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Sargocentron Praslin

Sargocentron praslin in natural conditions is widespread throughout the Indo-Pacific region: from the east coast of Africa (Kenya, Mozambique) through the Indian Ocean eastward to French Polynesia (Society Islands), north of the Ryukyu Islands and south of Australia (Queensland). The fish stay at depths of 1 to 20 m, near reefs. At night they hide in shelters, and at dusk they begin to hunt various crustaceans. Even beginner aquarists can keep these fish without any problems.

Sargocentron Praslin

Sargocentron Praslin has a striped body coloration, which is an alternating longitudinal stripes of white and red. The upper part of the body shimmers greenish in reflected light. The dorsal plumage is dark brown at the front and red from the middle to the end. The base and apex of the dorsal fin are white. The fins are light yellow. The sides of the pelvic, anal, and caudal plumages are red. Sexual differences are not expressed. The maximum size of fish in nature reaches 32 cm in aquarium conditions, their size is somewhat smaller.

Sargocentron Praslin characterized by strong immunity, quickly adapt to aquarium conditions and alternative foods. Due to their bright red coloration, which is relatively rare in various species of tropical fish, squirrel fish will serve as a real decoration in a saltwater aquarium.

Keep the fish can be as singly, and a small group consisting of 3-5 individuals. The aquarium should have a volume of 400 liters. At the bottom must be placed a large number of shelters in the form of large stones in the crevices which could hide fish. It is necessary that the number of shelters in the aquarium exceeded the number of fish in it, otherwise the fish will be in constant conflict with each other because of the shelters. If possible, you should use living stones. By the soil there are no special requirements and as it can be used as sand and gravel of various sizes.

Sargocentron Praslin are a threat to a variety of invertebrates, so keep them in a reef aquarium is not desirable. As neighbors in a common aquarium can be almost any peaceful, commensurate or larger in size, marine fish.

Water parameters: temperature 22-24° C, pH 8,0-8,4, salinity 1,020-1,026.

Lighting should be medium intensity, fish do not like bright light. The duration of the daylight hours of 10-12 hours a day.

In the aquarium, fish are fed artemia, minced meat of sea fish, shrimp, mussels and squid. Need to strive to give the food as long as possible remained in the water column, because the fish-proteins from the bottom of the food does not take. Feed the fish once a day at dusk.

Sargocentron Praslin


Under aquarium conditions Sargocentron Praslin do not breed. All fish are supplied to the domestic trade network from their natural habitat.

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