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These beautiful, unpretentious and nimble fish are frequent inhabitants of home aquariums. The Gourami, which you can learn more about in the following article 

Gourami do not require complex care, and in the diet is not too picky. The owner need only learn the peculiarities of the diet of labyrinth fish, to which they belong, and pick up a variety of foods suitable to representatives of this species.

Foods suitable for Gourami

No matter what breed of fish live in the home tank, they all need a suitable food - balanced and varied. The same applies to gourami. There are many varieties of these cute spotted aquarium dwellers, and as a rule, the basic principles of feeding fit them all. Most gourami eat a variety of foods, few fish are recommended to make a menu of only mono-food.

Fish can eat the following foods:

  1. Live food. They can be purchased - labyrinths desirable to feed small lapworms, Corethra, Tubifeed (it must be prepared - hold a few days in a container with water and rinse several times a day), daphnia. It can also be bred at home - microworms (aka vinegar nematode), earthworms and small mealworms, woodworms. Infusoria and artemia are recommended to be bred for juveniles.
  2. Frozen food. Most often, aquarists prefer to buy branded products, although the food can be frozen and yourself. Gourami gladly eat any "frozen food" if it fits them in the mouth. These wards can be treated with chironomid, Coretroy, Tubifex, Daphnia, Moina, Cyclops, microplankton, Artemia, pre-shredded mussels and shrimp.
  3. Dry brand feeds. Special confidence in the experienced aquarists enjoy the products of the following brands: Sulfur, Tetra, Wardley, Dajana Pet. Experts advise introducing special diets in the menu of gourami, containing carotenoids, which contribute to improving color - Tetra Betta, Dajana Pet Immunal or Pat Activator. You can also use dry freeze-dried feeds such as chum, krill, and Tubifeed. Do not buy dry freeze-dried food or a product from an unknown manufacturer. It may be of poor quality, be too tough. Also should not feed only dried gammarus or daphnia, they contain few useful components.
  4. Jellied feeds. Available under the brand Tetra and are also suitable for fish belonging to the family of labyrinths.
  5. Products from the refrigerator. Gourami like to eat finely chopped mussels and shrimp. They are given raw, no more than 2 times a week. The real delicacies for these inhabitants are grated cottage cheese, melted cheese, meat shavings.
  6. Homemade feeds. There are many recipes for making food, including for labyrinth fish. But you should be careful with this idea, and before using a new recipe, it is better to consult with professionals.

Naturally, not all gourami can eat all the food listed. For example, small fish will not cope with larger fractions, while their more oversized brethren will not even look in the direction of the crumbled rations.

Peculiarities of feeding fry

Gourami - spawning fish, the female lays eggs from which the larvae appear. Actually, at this point, its parental function and ends, the father takes care of offspring. Three days later, the larvae turn into fry that can swim and eat on their own.

Initially, the fry can be fed with infusoria and worms, and later begin to give nauplii Artemia. Older juveniles are allowed to treat adult food, crumbled to dust. You can find on sale and special diets for the growing offspring, which are designed for labyrinthine babies.

What to feed the Gourami

Nuances of gourami feeding

Selecting food and composing the diet for these owners of unusual pectoral fins and antennae, it is worth taking into account their preferences and physiological characteristics:

  1. Regardless of the species, whether they are beautiful pearl gourami, or the big originals - kissing, all of them have a small mouth, which means that they can eat only small pieces of food.
  2. There is an opinion that it is impossible to treat males with caviar, so as not to provoke them to eat their own offspring. But practice shows that it is not a delicacy treat that leads to this behavior, but absolutely other factors, such as a drop in temperature.

Feeding Gourami is a simple process that does not require any special skills or much time. These inhabitants do not refuse any food, but the owner should still take care of the feeding regime, portion dosage and variety.

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