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Kottelatia brittani

Kottelatia brittani naturally inhabits water bodies located in Southeast Asia. The fish keep in quiet forest channels and pools, with clear water. The fish got its name: Kottelatia - after ichthyologist from Switzerland Maurice Cottelat (1957), author of numerous works on rasboras, and brittani - after Martin Brittan (2008), author of monograms on rasboras and a close friend of Maurice Cottelat. The fish is not difficult to keep and can be recommended to novice aquarists.

Kottelatia brittani

The basic coloration of Kottelatia brittani is gray, the abdomen is silvery. At the base of the tail plumage a small red-black spot. Mature females are slightly larger than males and have a more rounded abdomen. The maximum size of the fish is 5-6 cm.

Kottelatia brittani will be an excellent neighbor to all peace-loving fish living in the same aquarium. The only exception is larger and more active fish species that may compete with them for living space and food.

Kottelatia brittani in nature live in large groups, so the aquarium, they preferably contain a flock of at least 8-10 individuals. Keeping the fish in such numbers makes them less fearful, and they show a more natural behavior. It is particularly interesting to watch in this case for the males, which, as a result of competition with each other for the attention of females, take a bright color.

To keep the fish suit the aquarium volume of 70 liters. The choice of decoration is not as critical as water quality, although the aquarium, planted with plants, including floating on the water surface, and dark substrate Kottelatia brittani demonstrate more vivid coloration.

Water parameters: temperature 20-26° C, hardness dH 1-10°, acidity pH 6,0-7,5. Need filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh. Should not be placed in an aquarium fish have not yet established biological equilibrium, as they are very susceptible to rapid fluctuations in the chemical composition of water. The aquarium should also be covered with a lid, which prevents fish jumping out of it.

Kottelatia brittani

Illumination of medium intensity. It should be noted that in low light, fish take a more contrasting coloration. The duration of the daylight hours of 10-12 hours a day.

In nature, fish eat small insects, worms and crustaceans. In the aquarium, they eat most foods for fish: a variety of dry food, live and frozen, such as daphnia, artemia, moth and others. Feed the fish twice a day.


In favorable conditions Kottelatia brittani systematically spawn, but the percentage of surviving fry in this case is small. In order to significantly increase the percentage of surviving fry you need a spawning tank of about 20 liters.

The spawning tank should be filled with old water from the main tank. At the bottom you need to plant bushes of javanese moss or arrange a separator grid. Lighting should be low.

Once the female spawns, producers are set aside. The eggs are incubated, depending on the water temperature, 18-28 hours, and after a couple of days the fry begin to swim and eat.

The fry are fed live dust, artemia and specialized feed designed for fish fry.

Kottelatia brittani

Life expectancy Kottelatia brittani in aquarium conditions is 3-4 years.

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