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When it comes to pets, there are many choices. Some people prefer more traditional options, such as getting a cat or dog, while others opt for aquarium fish. Aquarium dwellers have a number of advantages over other pets. An aquarium is perfect for people with allergies, it is easier to care for, and its interior design can hold your attention for a long time. If you want to have an aquarium, we will try to answer all the questions that arise at the initial stage of novice aquarists.

Priority questions

Before you buy an aquarium, you need to determine what type of aquarium you need and what kind of fish you want to keep in it. Freshwater aquarium - a self-sufficient ecosystem in which over time, establishes a biological balance, which is the key to the well-being of all its inhabitants. Achieving this balance takes time and patience, otherwise you endanger all fish and plants. To avoid this, answer the following questions before you buy an aquarium:

  1. Where will I put the aquarium?
  2. Do I have enough money to buy an aquarium and all the necessary equipment for it?
  3. Do I have the time to do the necessary maintenance?
  4. What kind of aquarium do I want?
  5. What kind of fish do I want to keep?

1. Where will I put the aquarium?

The place where you intend to put the aquarium is important for a number of reasons. First, you need to research the equipment needed for the aquarium - make sure that you can find enough space to place it behind and on the sides of the aquarium and at the same time have easy access to it for maintenance. You should also consider the aquarium's proximity to windows and heating radiators. If you place the aquarium in direct sunlight, there will be no problem with maintaining a stable water temperature, but there are problems with the accelerated growth of algae. If the aquarium will stand near a radiator or air conditioner, this can cause problems with the water temperature.

Finally, the aquarium should be in a place where it will decorate the room. It should be in some central location where it can be easily viewed.

2. Do I have enough finances to buy an aquarium and all the necessary equipment for it?

Keeping a pet is always more expensive than you think, this will be especially true for a home aquarium, for which the first stage will require the purchase of relatively expensive equipment. In addition to the purchase of the aquarium itself, the purchase of substrate and decorations will be required. Then you need to install a system of filtration, aeration, lighting and heating. In addition to all of this must be added here the cost of fish, food and supplies for the maintenance of the aquarium. Below is a list of everything you need to buy:

  • The aquarium itself;
  • An aquarium cabinet;
  • Substrate (e.g. gravel, sand, etc.);
  • Decorations;
  • Filtration system;
  • Aquarium heater;
  • Lighting system (including fixtures and lamps);
  • Aquarium fish;
  • Fish food

Also keep in mind that the larger the aquarium, the more expensive it will be. A larger aquarium requires a more powerful water filter as well as more substrate and decorations. However, you should not base your decision regarding the size of an aquarium solely on its cost - keeping a small aquarium is actually much more difficult than keeping a large aquarium.

3. Do I have time to do the necessary maintenance?

In order for an aquarium to always enjoy a riot of colors and interesting behavior of its inhabitants, you need to allocate time to take care of it. Although not a lot of time, it is very important. Dirty water in an aquarium promotes the development of pathogenic bacteria and algae growth. Daily need to allocate 10-15 minutes to care for the aquarium, plus about 20 minutes weekly for a partial water change in it.

4. What kind of aquarium do I want?

Another question to ask yourself is what you want to keep in the aquarium. There are several options to choose from:

  • Fish only;
  • Fish and invertebrates;
  • Plants only

It should be noted that when keeping fish together with invertebrates (snails, shrimp), the latter will act as sanitarians in the aquarium, consuming detritus, which accumulates in the substrate. An aquarium containing only plants will require different substrate and lighting.

5. What kind of fish do I want to keep?

When buying fish for your aquarium, you should not just go to a pet store and buy the first fish you see. Keep in mind that different fish have different needs, and not all fish species can get along with each other. The basic rule for determining how many fish can live in the aquarium is: per 1 cm of body length of the fish should have at least 1 liter of water.

Another thing to keep in mind that you can start by keeping small fish and gradually populate the aquarium with larger specimens. This is because while the aquarium is new, it will not be able to cope with a large biological load.

By asking yourself the five questions discussed above, you will be able to determine what type of aquarium suits you best, after which you can go to the pet store and choose the required aquarium, equipment and materials that you need.

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