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Betta albimarginata

The Betta albimarginata lives in the Sebuku River in the province of Kalimantan, Indonesia, Borneo. The fish stay in forested channels with a moderate current, in the shoals, where the maximum depth is 5-10 cm. The substrate in these areas consists of a thick layer of leaves of trees, twigs and snags. This small attractive fish will not leave anyone indifferent. Due to the difficulty of keeping it, it is recommended only to experienced aquarists.

Betta albimarginata males are red in color. The head of the males is wide. Their fins are wide, elongated, with a distinct black and white trim. Coloration of females is much more modest, their coloration grayish with dark mottling, chaotically scattered throughout the body. the maximum size of fish is 2.5-3 cm.

Betta albimarginata

The Betta albimarginata is a calm fish and is best kept in a species or general aquarium with small, peaceful fish. Fish can be kept as pairs or singly. Many aquarists do not use in the aquarium ground, to which the cockerels are totally indifferent, but it greatly facilitates the maintenance of the aquarium. The aquarium should be densely planted with plants at the bottom to place ceramic pots and large snags.

Adding dried oak leaves at the bottom even closer to the natural conditions of fish, and, in addition, in the process of their decomposition, contributes to the development of microbial colonies, which are valuable additional food for fry.

Water parameters: temperature 23-28° C, hardness dH 1-5°, pH 4,0-6,5. Since fish naturally inhabit areas with standing water, filtration should not be too strong. The aquarium should be equipped with a tight lid, which will prevent cold air from getting under it. The whole point is that adult fish and fry periodically float to the surface of the water for a breath of atmospheric air, and so they do not catch their labyrinth breathing organ, the water above the water surface should be warm.

BETTA ALBIMARGINATA (Betta albimarginata)

Lighting should be low. This should be considered when selecting plants planted in the aquarium.

In nature, Betta albimarginata feed on small insects and zooplankton. In an aquarium, fish are fed a variety of dried foods, daphnia, artemia and small bloodworms. Feed small portions of fish, not allowing them to overfeed.


For breeding fish need a separate spawning tank, if they are not kept in one.

Spawning aquarium must be covered with coverslip or, as some aquarists do, pull the film over the top. This is done to ensure that the air above the surface of the water was warm, without which the labyrinthine organ of breathing fry can not normally develop.

During spawning, the male wraps his body around the female body, which at this point hatch a few eggs. After fertilizing the eggs, the male immediately collects them in his mouth. This continues until the female spawns completely. The total number of eggs hatched by the female is small and sometimes only 10 eggs.

The incubation period is 10-21 days, at the end of which the fully developed fry leave the male's mouth.

Fry can be transferred to a separate aquarium or left with their parents, who usually do them no harm.

Betta albimarginata

The fry are fed micro worms and artemia nauplii 2-3 times a day without overfeeding.

Life expectancy Betta albimarginata in aquarium conditions is about 3 years.

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