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Pomacentrus simsiang

Pomacentrus simsiang in natural conditions live in the Pacific Ocean, from the coast of the Philippines and Sulawesi Island to the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the Great Barrier Reef. Fish are kept near the outer slopes of reefs and in deep lagoons, at a depth of 3 to 60 m fish are quite rare to find in the free trade. Suitable for keeping by novice aquarists.

Pomacentrus simsiang

Adult Pomacentrus simsiang has a grayish body and juveniles have yellow bodies topped with dark blue and bright blue stripes in the upper body and on the dorsal fin. The maximum size of the fish is 9 cm. It should be noted that the attractive coloration of fish remains only at a young age and as they mature, it takes a nondescript brownish color, and maybe for this reason, these fish are not in demand in trade and they are rarely supplied to local zooseti.

Pomacentrus simsiang are moderately aggressive fish. Keep them in a group of at least 5-7 individuals in an aquarium of 150 liters. When contained in a common aquarium of small volume with other peaceful fish, the latter will be constantly pursued pomacentrusam and be in a depressed state, so pomacentrusov need to settle with other fish at a young age - accustomed to the neighbors, they will stop touching them. Should not contain fish together with invertebrates, which they will sooner or later eat.

Water parameters: temperature 23 - 28° C, pH 8,0-8,5, 1.020-1.026 salinity. need filtration and aeration of water. Fish have a strong immunity and quickly become accustomed to life in an aquarium environment.

Pomacentrus simsiang

Due to the fact that the fish are very territorial, to reduce the likelihood of territorial disputes, large rocks should be placed in the aquarium among which each of the fish could find shelter.

In nature, Pomacentrus simsiang feed on zooplankton (copepods, mizids and shrimp larvae), fish eggs and algae. Under aquarium conditions the fish are fed live shrimp, shredded meat mizid, squid, fish, shrimp and shellfish, as well as plant food and flake food containing spirulina. Feed 1-2 times a day.


Pomacentrus simsiang do not breed under aquarium conditions. All fish that occasionally appear in the trade are supplied from their natural habitat.

Pomacentrus simsiang

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