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Betta lehi

The Betta lehi naturally inhabits bodies of water on Borneo Island between the towns of Lundu and Bau in the southwestern Malaysian state of Sarawak and in the Kapuas River valley in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Betta lehi can be found in forested peat bogs, in the shade of trees, among the thicket of aquatic plants. The water in these areas is dark brown in color and contains humic acids and other chemical compounds released by organic matter decomposing on the bottom. The substrate consists mainly of fallen leaves, branches and tree snags.

The body of the Betta lehi is light gray or beige in color. Males are larger, have more iridescent scaling on the head, a wider head shape and more elongated fins than females. The maximum size of the fish is 6 cm.

Betta lehi peaceful fish leading a quiet way of life. Keep it alone, a pair or a small group of a separate aquarium of 50 liters, and together with other fish commensurate in size. In general, the content of these fish are not difficult, the main problem may arise only with the maintenance of certain water parameters.

Pisces can be kept in an aquarium without soil, so, in the opinion of many aquarists, much more convenient to serve the aquarium. At the bottom, it is desirable to place snags and tree branches so that they form a shady area. If you can not find snags desired shape, instead you can use pre-cleaned from the bark and dried branches of beech or oak. You can also place ceramic pots and plastic tubes of suitable diameter in the aquarium, which the fish can use as a shelter.

Betta lehi

Adding dried beech, oak or almond leaves to the bottom will further simulate the natural conditions in which Lehi roosters live. Also in them, in the process of rotting, will develop colonies of microbes, which are valuable food for the fry.

Due to the fact that fish do not like bright light, lighting in the aquarium should be weak. Given this, it is necessary to plant only those plants that will be able to grow in such conditions. At the surface of the water should be placed several bushes of floating plants.

Water parameters: temperature 22-27° C, hardness dH 1-5°, pH 4,0-7,0. Water filtration should not be too strong. The aquarium top should be closed with a lid or cover glass.

In nature, the Betta lehi feeds on insects and small invertebrates. In aquariums they are fed a variety of dry food, and, in order for the fish to have a bright color are fed live and frozen food: daphniya, artemia and chironomid. Try not to overfeed the fish, as they are prone to obesity.


Betta lehi belong to those fish that are caring parents.

A separate aquarium is necessary for breeding fish, if the fish do not live in one as it is. The aquarium top should have a tight lid that prevents cool air from entering the aquarium, because the fry, for normal development of their mating organ of breathing need warm moist air.

During mating games, the male wraps his body around the female. At this time, she hatches a batch of eggs, and after the male fertilizes her, he collects it all in his mouth. The cycle continues until the female has fully spawned.

Betta lehi

The male incubates the eggs in his mouth for 7-12 days. all this time he should not be disturbed, otherwise during stress he may swallow or spit out the eggs. After this period, fully developed fry leave the mouth of their father. At this time, it is advisable to remove the producers.

The fry are fed with micro worms and Artemia nauplii 2-3 times a day.

Life expectancy Betta lehi in aquarium conditions is about 3 years.

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