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Betta midas

The Betta midasis naturally found in the lowlands of the Kapuas River basin in West Kalimantan Province, Borneo Island. The fish can be found in peat bogs in the shade of trees overhanging the water.

The body of Betta midas is yellowish or golden in color. Adult males are more colorful, have elongated fins and a wider head shape than females. The size of fish is 6-6,5 cm.

Keep Betta midas can be in a fully equipped aquarium, and in the aquarium without soil - so according to some aquarists easier to service it, and the fish are not critical to its presence. The aquarium should be placed snags and tree branches so that they form a few shady areas, as these fish do not like bright light. If desired, you can place dry leaves of beech or oak at the bottom, which, in addition to approximating the conditions of these fish to natural, contribute to the development of colonies of microorganisms, which are good additional food for fry.

Betta midas

The fish can be kept in pairs or in a small group in a common tank with other peace-loving fish. One pair of fish requires an aquarium volume of 80 liters.

Lighting should be low. If you are planting plants in the aquarium, you must take into account this requirement, and select their species that will be able to grow in such conditions.

Water parameters: temperature 22-28° C, hardness dH 1-5°, pH 3,5-6,5. Filtration must not be strong. The aquarium must be covered with a lid or cover glass to the air over the surface of the water was warm.

In nature, Betta midas feeds on small invertebrates, insects and their larvae. aquarium fish are fed daphniya, artemia and bloodworms. Feed fish should be 1-2 times a day not allowing overfeeding, as they tend to obesity.


Spawning Betta midas is similar to that of all macropods.

Under acceptable conditions, fish spawn periodically without taking any steps to do so. During the pre-spawning period, a pair of producers - a male and a female - is formed from a group of fish. In the process of mating games, the male wraps his body around the female and at this time she hatches a batch of eggs. The male immediately fertilizes the eggs and collects them all in his mouth. The spawning process continues until the female spawns completely.

The eggs are incubated in the male's mouth for 17-20 days. During this time, the male should not be disturbed, because he may swallow all the eggs or spit them out when frightened. The mouth of the male leaves the fully developed fry. Fry can be kept in the same tank with their parents, who do not touch them at all.

Betta midas

The fry are fed artemia and thoroughly grinded dry food.

Life expectancy of Betta midas in aquarium conditions is about 3 years.

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