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Betta ocellata

The Betta ocellata naturally inhabits water bodies located in the northeast of Borneo Island. The fish can be found in both clear and turbid water, in ponds in oil palm plantations and forest lakes. Although the fish are easy to keep and breed, their coloration is unsightly, which has predetermined their low popularity among aquarists.

The coloration of the Betta ocellata is dominated by gray. Males have a wider head shape, bright coloration, elongated fins and larger size than females. The maximum size of the fish is 8-9 cm.

Betta ocellata

Keep Betta ocellata preferably in pairs in a species aquarium. Can contain multiple pairs of cocks, but in this case the volume of the aquarium must be large enough, since males often in conflict with each other. For one pair of fish need an aquarium of 80 liters. Perhaps the content of fish in a common aquarium with other peace-loving fish.

In an aquarium with Betta ocellata, some aquarists do not use soil, which greatly facilitates its maintenance. At the bottom are placed snags and plant branches so that they create shade. Fish do not like bright light and will stick to the lowest lighted place in the aquarium. You can also place ceramic pots and plastic tubes at the bottom with a diameter that allows the fish to swim there freely.

Adding dried beech, oak or almond leaves to the bottom will further simulate the natural environment of the fish and also encourage the development of microbial colonies, which are good additional food for the fry.

Water parameters: temperature 21 - 25° C, hardness dH 1-10°, pH 5,5-7,5. Filtration should be moderate. The aquarium should be covered with a lid or cover glass to prevent the penetration of cool air to the water surface.

Betta ocellata

Lighting should be weak, diffuse. If the aquarium will be planted live plants, it is necessary to take into account this requirement and select their species that will be able to grow in such conditions.

In nature Betta ocellata feeds on invertebrates and small insects. In aquariums, the main food is a variety of dry food. Live and frozen food such as daphnia, artemia, moths or earthworms should be added to their menu to enhance coloration. Try not to overfeed the fish, as they are prone to obesity.


To breed Betta ocellata need a separate spawning tank, unless the fish are already in one. Spawning aquarium must be tightly covered with coverslip, because the fry, for normal development of their maze-breathing organ needs warm air over the surface of water.

During spawning, the male wraps his body around the female body, and she, in turn, hatch a batch of eggs. The male immediately fertilizes the eggs and collects them in his mouth. The spawning cycle continues until the female fully spawns.

The eggs are incubated in the mouth of the male for 12-17 days, after which the male releases the fully formed fry. Producers may not be moved to another aquarium, as they do not touch the fry.

Betta ocellata

Feed the fry with micro worms and artemia 3-4 times a day. Do not overfeed the fry, as due to their constant overfeeding they have intestinal problems. It is also necessary to produce a daily water change, replacing 1/10 of it with fresh water.

Life expectancy Betta ocellata in an aquarium environment is about 3 years.

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