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Ichthyosporidium hoferi

Ichthyosporidium hoferi, or binge disease is a common fungal infection that is difficult to cure. Almost all fish of any age are susceptible to this disease. Currently, there are no effective treatments for this disease. Sometimes, at the first signs of the disease, it was possible to cure infected fish, but this is most likely the exception to the rule. Fight with a drunken disease is mainly the implementation of preventive measures to prevent all the prerequisites of its occurrence.

The disease is triggered by a fungus called Ichthyosporidium hoferi. This fungus multiplies with hard-shelled spores (cysts). During the process of eating, the spores enter the digestive tract of the fish and from there spread to almost all of its internal organs, excluding the skin and bone tissue. During further development of the fungus, tumors are formed in the foci of its sprouting, which lead to tissue degeneration. Organs affected by the fungus stop performing their functions, which eventually leads to an imbalance in the metabolism of fish. Subsequently, the disease affects the nervous system of its victim, the fish begins to convulse, it loses its orientation in space and soon dies.

Ichthyosporidium hoferi

Symptoms of infection

The first signs of Ichthyosporidium hoferi in fish are loss of appetite, lethargy, their abdomen swells significantly, and general dystrophy is observed. As the disease progresses, the eyes become inflamed and the fins begin to rot. When the disease damages the fish's kidneys, their scales rise. In the final stage of the disease affects the nervous system, the fish loses its orientation in space, falls to the bottom and lies on its side.

It should be noted that in some cases the disease runs hidden and its symptoms are so subtle that it can not be diagnosed in time. This leads to what is not possible in time to kill the infection in the aquarium and thus save fish from death.

Treatment of ichthyophonosis

If you can identify the disease in the early stages, you need to make a solution parahlorfenoksitol (antifungal drug), dissolving 1 mg parahlorfenoksitol in 1 liter of water, and then dissolve this solution in the proportion of 50 ml per 1 liter of aquarium water. All fish are caught from the aquarium and placed in a therapeutic bath for 3-4 hours. Therapeutic baths fish need to conduct 1 every 2 days, until they fully recover.

In the case of neglected disease will have to get rid of all the inhabitants of the aquarium and plants. The aquarium is treated with 3% chloramine solution, and the soil and decorations subjected to boiling for 10-15 minutes.

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