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Symptoms of the disease that are clearly visible - the fish have one or two eyes that become cloudy and sometimes the pupil increases in size.

Causes of corneal clouding can be caused by the following circumstances:

  • Fungal or bacterial infection caused by dirty water in the aquarium or overcrowding;
  • Monotonous food and, as a consequence, vitamin deficiency. Lack of vitamin A, in particular, leads to the disease;
  • Chlorine in tap water, if it has not been pre-calibrated before entering the aquarium, leads to temporary clouding of the eyes, rare, but not uncommon;
  • Eye sucking worms that affect the cornea from the inside, causing it to become cloudy;
    Trauma to the eye;
  • Clouding of the eye caused by old age of the fish.

Corneal clouding can be caused by each of the above circumstances individually or cumulatively. In many cases, the disease is triggered by poor water quality in the tank, which weakens the immunity of the fish, so any infection can cause an outbreak of disease among all aquarium inhabitants.

Fish have cloudy cornea

Prevention of the disease

A simple aquarium prevention can considerably reduce the risk of corneal eye disease. Inspect the aquarium daily for remaining fish food that was not eaten in time and remove excess food. Once a week, clean the aquarium floor with a siphon and change approximately 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh water. All of these simple measures will help prevent the disease from occurring.

The treatment 

The cause of the corneal clouding must first be determined. If the aquarium has not had water changes for a long time, this will in many cases be the cause. Change the water every day in small portions, and the disease will soon go away on its own, without the need to resort to treatment with various drugs.

As continuous feeding with the same food may cause various diseases in the fish, you should try to diversify their menu as much as possible. Feeding your fish with high-quality, vitaminized feeds can provide very good results. There is a large range of vitaminised dry food available in the trade nowadays, so it should not be a problem to buy it.

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