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Discosoma sp, Mushrooms Red

The red discosoma is naturally found in the tropical Indo-Pacific, Caribbean Sea. These discoactinia inhabit coral reefs in shallow waters.

They are the most undemanding discoactinii and can be recommended for keeping even novice aquarists with some experience in marine aquarium care. They are the hardiest discoactiniums, which have great vitality. Places where Discosoma settle are subject to constant ebb and flow, which results in discoactinii are in the air under the scorching rays of the sun, then again go under the water.

The appearance of Discosoma sp, Mushrooms Red, and their ability to form dense clusters is widely discussed in various sources (mostly in English-language sources), where they are referred to as mushrooms. Discoactinia reach a size of 3-9 cm in diameter.

Keep red discosomes preferably in a reef aquarium with peace-loving fish. It should be noted that some types of shrimp and large crayfish often bite their claws discoactinii, severely injuring them. Discosoma red does not like strong water circulation and its greatest size reaches in standing water.

Discosoma sp, Mushrooms Red

The lighting needs to be bright. It has been noticed that the light intensity affects the coloration, shape and size of the animal, which aquarists can exploit and, by changing the lighting, achieve the most attractive-looking animals. The effect is particularly strong when illuminated with actinic lamps, in the light of which the discus body begins to fluoresce.

Under aquarium conditions, discosomes feed on symbiotic algae and specialized coral food.


Under acceptable keeping conditions, the population of red discosomes grows rapidly. Reproduction is either by sexual reproduction or by division.

In order to get a new colony of discoactinii need to separate from the substrate a small part of them and put in a quiet place with stony ground. If the aquarium will be in the fish and other marine life, it is desirable to fence off discoactinii from them, so the latter did not disturb them. In less than a week discoaktinii firmly attached to the substrate.

Discosoma sp, Mushrooms Red

For breeding discosoma, which are larger than 3 cm in diameter, you can carefully cut them with a knife in half or in four pieces and place them near the rocks on the bottom. After 4-6 days, each of the fragments starts to develop and eventually a new animal is formed. However, artificial division can be difficult due to poor water quality, causing the animal to get a bacterial infection and die.

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