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Betta channoides

The Betta channoides naturally inhabits shallow forested channels and rivers in the eastern part of the island of Borneo, Indonesia. The fish stay along the banks among snags and tree branches. The bottom of these areas is covered with a thick layer of fallen tree leaves, which decompose and give the water a brownish colour.

The coloration of the males is bright red. All their fins and tail plumage are black and white edged. The coloration of females is grayish. Adult males have a wide head shape, larger size and brighter coloration than females. The maximum size of the fish is 3.5-4 cm.

Betta channoides

Keep Betta channoides is recommended in a species or community aquarium with small in size peaceful fish species, because larger and more active fish may pursue the cockerels Chanah, not give them peace, resulting in the latter will be constantly in a depressed state. Possible content of a pair or small group consisting of 1 male and 2-3 females in the aquarium of 50 liters.

At the bottom of the aquarium preferably place a sheet of dried leaves of oak or beech, as well as large snags, ceramic pots and plastic tubes, among which the fish will hide. Some aquarists do not use a leaf substrate, which makes care of the aquarium much easier, and the well-being of fish is not affected.

Water parameters: temperature 23-30° C, hardness dH 1-5°, pH 4,0-6,5. Filtration should be moderate. The aquarium should be covered with a top cover or cover glass, as the cockerels need access to warm moist air, which will be formed above the surface of the water.

Betta channoides

Betta channoides do not like bright light and prefer to be in the darkest areas of the aquarium. The lighting should therefore be dim. When introducing plants into the aquarium, select species that will grow well in these conditions.

The fish prey on small insects and invertebrates in nature. Under aquarium conditions they are fed with a variety of dry food, as well as, to enhance the colour, feed live and frozen daphniya, artemia and bloodworms. The feed should be dosed strictly to avoid overfeeding, as the Chana Bettas are particularly prone to obesity.


It is advisable to breed the fish in a separate, tightly covered aquarium. This is a very important requirement, since the fry need access to a layer of warm, moist air, without which their labyrinthine breathing organ can be impaired.

During mating, the male wraps his body around the female's body and at this time she hatch a few eggs. The male immediately fertilizes the eggs and collects them in his mouth. The number of eggs is very low and 10 eggs is considered a good result.

The male incubates the eggs in his mouth for 10-21 days. During this time it should not be disturbed, as it may spit out or swallow eggs during a scare.

The fully mature fry that can live an independent life leave the male's mouth. Producers may not be removed - they are not harmful to their offspring.

Betta channoides

The fry are fed with micro worms and artemia. The fry should be fed in small portions 2-3 times a day.

The lifespan of the Betta channoides is about 3 years.

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