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Serranus tabacarius

Serranus tabacarius naturally inhabit the western Atlantic Ocean: the coastal areas of Bermuda, along the southern coast of Florida, as well as the northern part of the Brazilian coast. The fish can be found among reefs, at a depth of 5-60 m, where they feed on crustaceans and small fish. These fish are rarely seen in trade, although they are very attractive and hardy. Even beginners can keep these grouper.

The Serranus tabacarius has an elongated, moderately squashed orange body with small blue spots on the head and upper body. The size of the fish reaches 20 cm. It should be noted that the most suitable size for keeping fish in an aquarium is 10-12 cm.

Serranus tabacarius

The Serranus tabacarius displays slight aggression towards slower fish, even larger ones. Do not keep various ornamental shrimp species with the grouper, which will sooner or later be eaten.

Keep Serranus tabacarius can be as singly or in pairs, although some aquarists are advised not to keep more than one instance of tobacco grouper, because sometimes between them runs up a serious conflict, resulting in the death of one of the fish. Also, sometimes the grouper selects a potential victim among the other fish, and does not give her rest, driving it throughout the aquarium. In this case, it is best to remove the fish, otherwise it may end badly.

The aquarium must have a capacity of 250 liters. Rocks with caves and crevices should be placed in the aquarium, into which the fish can swim freely. The aquarium should create darkened areas, because Serranus tabacarius live in relatively deep water, where semi-darkness prevails. If the fish are kept in a brightly lit aquarium, they will continually hide in the darkest areas.

The Serranus tabacarius can easily adapt to life in an aquarium. If the interior design of the aquarium was originally sufficiently sheltered, there are no problems at all with these fish.

Serranus tabacarius

The menu of fish in an aquarium consists of most of the usual foods intended for sea creatures, e.g. live shrimps or chopped fresh, or frozen meat products such as misis, squid, fish pulp, clam. Feed the fish once or twice a day.

Water parameters: temperature 22-27°C, pH 8.0-8.5, salinity 1.020-1.026. The aquarium must be covered, otherwise the fish can easily jump out of it.


The Serranus tabacarius will not propagate in an aquarium. Fish that occasionally appear in trade are supplied to the local market from their natural habitat.

Serranus tabacarius

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