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Remember that keeping the water in the aquarium clean is not only about making the aquarium look nice, but also about ensuring proper living conditions for all its inhabitants. Regular water changes and weekly water quality checks will do much to maintain water quality, but there are a few simple tips to avoid additional water pollution.

Tips for keeping the water in the aquarium clean

Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid overfeeding the fish. Give only as much food as the fish can consume within 2 to 5 minutes. Uneaten food begins to decompose on the bottom, releasing toxins. Therefore, one hour after feeding the fish, it is necessary to remove all uneaten food from the bottom. This procedure is actually not difficult and the effect is very high.
  • Add live plants. Live plants not only increase the oxygen level in the water but also in competition with algae for nutrients, inhibit the latter. If the aquarium is densely planted, the water is crystal clear and algae are in a depressed state. Furthermore, plants absorb many harmful substances dissolved in the water, thus in some cases making it possible to do without water filters.
  • Do not abuse the lighting in the aquarium. The longer the lighting in the aquarium, the more likely it is that the water temperature in the aquarium will rise substantially. Algae require bright light in order to thrive, so if there are few plants in the aquarium, it is advisable to reduce the light intensity. Turn on the lighting for no more than 10-12 hours a day.
  • Seriously consider the placement of the aquarium indoors. The worst place to place the aquarium is near a window. Direct sunlight will promote algae growth and may also cause significant fluctuations in water temperature. Place the aquarium away from direct sunlight, batteries and air conditioning.
  • If regular water changes have no effect and the aquarium gradually becomes overgrown with algae, shrimps, snails and herbivorous fish can help control the growth of algae.
  • Do not overpopulate your aquarium with fish. To select and calculate the maximum number of fish in the aquarium, refer to the article: "How many fish can be kept in a ... litre aquarium".

Keeping an aquarium clean is not so difficult. Follow these simple tips to keep your aquarium in perfect shape.


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